6 Reasons You Need To Go See Live Theatre NOW

Whether a Broadway show in New York City, a high school play or the kindergarten Christmas musical, we've all experienced live theatre in some way or another.

There are different levels of theatre fans, too — the ones who go just because they have tickets, the ones who know a few songs and the ones who know every word and the birthplace of every actor.

Sure, you can vary between those but for the most part, theatre attendees fall in one of those categories.

Read on, as I give you six reasons why you need to go to the next live theatre opportunity that comes your way ASAP.

1. Community

The theatre community is a whole different dimension from the outside world. It's a place where people can enter as strangers and leave feeling as family. It's a place of many emotions where we emphasize with the actors and fall in love with the characters they portray. You are allowed to push away your problems and become a part of the show; make that community your own, if only for a few hours.

2. The Music

Now, I know this isn't everyone's favorite part, but when I go to a musical, I fall in love with the music, and I usually listen to it on repeat for the next couple of months. It's addictive to me. It's honestly one of the best parts of the show.

3. Getting Drawn Into The Show

You fall in love with characters and their storylines, and before you know it, you're sitting on the edge of your seat, eagerly waiting to see what is going to happen next.

4. One-Liners

I cannot tell you the number of times I have gone to a show, whether on Broadway or in a high school auditorium, and one of the characters had a simple one-line comeback or retort that stayed in my mind for weeks afterward. I love witty and sarcastic senses of humor.

5. Stage dooring

Urban Dictionary defines stagedooring as, "To wait at the stage door of a Broadway theatre after a show and meet the actors," for those of you who don't know what it is. I love stagedooring and I try to do it for every show I go to that offers it.

Not only do you get to meet a lot of the cast — which is always pretty flippin' awesome--and make some awesome memories, but it also gives you an opportunity to tell them how much you enjoyed the show and their role in it! It's always nice to give back a little to those who just entertained you for the past three hours.

6. The Entire Experience

Now, I am absolutely positive that not everyone loves theatre as much as I do, and I'm also sure that there are others out there who love different shows more than me. But regardless, the feeling that is in my stomach and my heart after a show is a special feeling that can't be tainted. I am always left in awe and amazement, already ready for the next time I'll be seeing a performance. I just can't get enough.

I love live theatre.

I love musicals.

I love Broadway.

I always get a tingle in my toes and an excited feeling in my tummy. You can most likely find me saying, "I love theatre" over and over. I am so blessed to have seen the shows that I have and met the performers that I have. I am so thankful for the memories I have tied to each of these pictures and so many others.

Theatre has changed my life and has opened my eyes to a new art form. I hope you all can experience it in the same way I do — with wide eyes like kids in a candy shop and an open heart ready to be pulled in every direction.

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