6 Reasons You Need To Go See Live Theatre NOW

6 Reasons You Need To Go See Live Theatre NOW

How Many People Can Say They've Heart Corey Cott Sing In Person?

Whether a Broadway show in New York City, a high school play or the kindergarten Christmas musical, we've all experienced live theatre in some way or another.

There are different levels of theatre fans, too — the ones who go just because they have tickets, the ones who know a few songs and the ones who know every word and the birthplace of every actor.

Sure, you can vary between those but for the most part, theatre attendees fall in one of those categories.

Read on, as I give you six reasons why you need to go to the next live theatre opportunity that comes your way ASAP.

1. Community

The theatre community is a whole different dimension from the outside world. It's a place where people can enter as strangers and leave feeling as family. It's a place of many emotions where we emphasize with the actors and fall in love with the characters they portray. You are allowed to push away your problems and become a part of the show; make that community your own, if only for a few hours.

2. The Music

Now, I know this isn't everyone's favorite part, but when I go to a musical, I fall in love with the music, and I usually listen to it on repeat for the next couple of months. It's addictive to me. It's honestly one of the best parts of the show.

3. Getting Drawn Into The Show

You fall in love with characters and their storylines, and before you know it, you're sitting on the edge of your seat, eagerly waiting to see what is going to happen next.

4. One-Liners

I cannot tell you the number of times I have gone to a show, whether on Broadway or in a high school auditorium, and one of the characters had a simple one-line comeback or retort that stayed in my mind for weeks afterward. I love witty and sarcastic senses of humor.

5. Stage dooring

Urban Dictionary defines stagedooring as, "To wait at the stage door of a Broadway theatre after a show and meet the actors," for those of you who don't know what it is. I love stagedooring and I try to do it for every show I go to that offers it.

Not only do you get to meet a lot of the cast — which is always pretty flippin' awesome--and make some awesome memories, but it also gives you an opportunity to tell them how much you enjoyed the show and their role in it! It's always nice to give back a little to those who just entertained you for the past three hours.

6. The Entire Experience

Now, I am absolutely positive that not everyone loves theatre as much as I do, and I'm also sure that there are others out there who love different shows more than me. But regardless, the feeling that is in my stomach and my heart after a show is a special feeling that can't be tainted. I am always left in awe and amazement, already ready for the next time I'll be seeing a performance. I just can't get enough.

I love live theatre.

I love musicals.

I love Broadway.

I always get a tingle in my toes and an excited feeling in my tummy. You can most likely find me saying, "I love theatre" over and over. I am so blessed to have seen the shows that I have and met the performers that I have. I am so thankful for the memories I have tied to each of these pictures and so many others.

Theatre has changed my life and has opened my eyes to a new art form. I hope you all can experience it in the same way I do — with wide eyes like kids in a candy shop and an open heart ready to be pulled in every direction.

Cover Image Credit: Abigail Stout

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9 Reasons You're Still In Love With Tim Riggins In 2019

Clear eyes. Full hearts.

If you're a Friday Night Lights fan, you know very well who Tim Riggins is. And if you've never seen the show, he's basically just the bad boy football star and sensitive hottie of your dreams, all wrapped into one heart-throbbing package. If you haven't already fallen under the Tim Riggins spell, you're about to...

1. He's the star running back of the Dillon Panthers.

Basically every girl who has walked this earth has fantasized about having that cliche football relationship. No shame. #33 on the field, #1 in my heart.

2. He's actually really sensitive.

Tim Riggins may seem hard and dysfunctional on the outside, but he's really just a big softie. He's no JD McCoy, who grew up lavishly and extremely fortunate; Tim had a rough upbringing. He and his brother, Billy, had to work hard all by themselves just to stay above water, which is most likely what keeps him so grounded and humbled.

3. He loves kids.

Tim didn't even think twice about taking his neighbor under his wing when he moved in next door. And for some reason, there's just somethin' about cute boys holding babies that makes us girls swoon.

4. He's genuine and honest.

Sure, maybe he took advantage of his football-star status and slept with most of the rally girls, but once he fell in love with Lyla we saw his compassionate side. (You probably envied Lyla and maybe even hated her for a while because of it...I know I did.)

5. He knows how to have a good time.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

6. He's a family man.

Tim took the blame for his brother's crime and went to prison for it...if that's not loyalty then I don't know what is.

7. He's affectionate.

If you either hate Lyla or you want to be Lyla or a combination of the both, you are not alone.

8. He's protective.

Probably the only time you've ever wanted to be in a tornado was when you watched the episode where he shielded Julie from flying debris.

9. He's beautiful.

You're welcome for blessing you with this GIF.

May you all find your own Tim Riggins. Amen.

Cover Image Credit: whereshewanders.com

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Your Summer 2019 Bucket List

A physical(ish) embodiment of all you've been saying you'll do "next Summer."


It's that time again! #summer2k19 has finally arrived, and when it comes to how you can spend your time, the options are ENDLESS. That being said, this time around, you and I are going to keep binge-watching to a healthy minimum and enjoy our newfound time doing something(s) that will give us a sense of not just comfort, but fulfillment.

1. Make That BANK


It can be exhausting to put in 20, 30, 40+ extra hours a week for a part-time (or full-time) job on top of everything else going on in your life right now, but it will be worth it in one way or another (even if it's just in the form of a few hundred dollars). I am SO incredibly excited to start my new job this week and feel a smidge more secure about my finances, plus have some extra spending cash for the upcoming school year!

2. Volunteer

There is ALWAYS somewhere that you can put your skills to use for the good of your community. Animal shelters, hospitals, food pantries, LGBT centers, and more (note to self: draft article on extensive volunteer opportunities) are always looking for passionate people to help those less fortunate or those in need. In addition, with the 2020 election coming up, there are so many candidates whose campaigns need volunteers! That being said, don't forget about local elections, too! By volunteering in your communities in this form you can obtain a platform to have your voice heard and inform those close to you! The feeling of satisfaction from making a difference, no matter how small, is like no other and will help spur you on through the hard moments that you and your community experience.

3. Have A Garage Sale / Donate

Declutter, declutter, declutter! It's not very hard to find items that you don't use anymore, clothes that you no longer wear, or things you're not sure why you even bought in the first place. This is a great way to get a little bit more change in your pocket, or to simply feel good knowing that your belongings will be given a second chance at finding happiness in their forever home! Either way, you just made more room for whatever may happen to catch your eye! ;)

4. Learn Something New


I always have one thing or another on my mind that I "wish I had the time to do." This year, it's playing the piano that we've housed for years but has for the most part, not given the love it so rightly deserves. Starting to pick up a new language, taking a Summer class on any topic from traditional cooking to jazz dance to scuba diving, asking your dad how to play Texas Hold'em, whatever the subject may be, there's no time like the present (especially with all of the extra hours you've stumbled upon).

5. Grab a Book!

Stop letting those books on the shelf collect dust! Whether it's just reading 20 minutes a day or a book a week (...maayyybe every other week), try to incorporate reading into your schedule. Other than just flat-out being fun when you find a series you enjoy, your brain will thank you! I always find that I'm ACTUALLY able to remember the words I'm scouring my mind for`during a reading spree.


Carolyn Barrington

Go on a hike, a run, for a picnic, to the beach, what have you. The Summer only lasts so long and getting your daily dose of vitamin D won't be NEARLY as easy to come by come September.

7. Explore Locally


You KNOW there's always been that one place in town that you've heard of, that people take pictures at, or that's just always caught your attention. Whatever and wherever it may be, go find it!

8. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When fun opportunities arise that seem intimidating, don't let your uncertainty hold you back. This being said, baby steps are important! If you have a fear of heights, it might be wise to ease your way up to the biggest and baddest rollercoaster at an amusement park. Don't scar yourself, but don't let FOMO get the chance to rear its ugly head.

9. Make Time For Friends

Carolyn Barrington

Make the effort to keep your friendships from fading over the Summer, whether you have plans already or are just staying in town! Just going to grab ice cream cones at that to-die-for ice cream parlor in your area to catch up or checking in every once in a while to talk about that CRAZY thing you know they'll want to hear about will make you feel at peace and remind you that you have people all around that care deeply about you. :)

10. Continue To Be Awesome (AKA Yourself)

Above all else, find comfort in your time off from any normal duties over the course of the school year. People always focus on getting their bodies "Summer ready," but the most important thing is to not focus on other peoples' expectations and instead make sure that you are happy with yourself and your triumphs without comparison. Striving to obtain the most colorful and updated Instagram feed (which, by the way, is oftentimes full of orchestrated smiles and poses) isn't important in the grand scheme of things, and will keep you chasing greater and greater numbers of likes and comments. Focus on what is important to you now and if you're thinking ahead, for the future. Other people's opinions of you and your actions do not define who you are.

"Next Summer" is now. Go out there and have another Summer 2016.

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