I experience unmotivated and lethargic times as well as my upbeat and smiley days, just like we all do. However, I want that balance just like we all do as well.

Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercising daily, and getting plenty of sleep each night will increase the longevity of your lifespan and can even clear your skin up. These are amazing benefits that younger generations take for granted and then regret by the time they reach their 30's and are getting the full brunt of the side effects from their lazy, junk-food past. So keep in mind that these four key elements should be incorporated into your life to help you live longer and look better, but also because it helps you stay focused, be efficient, have more overall energy, and have more confidence. Forcing yourself to make these habits will do nothing but pay off. You will perform better in school, sports, and in your relationships.

Eating healthy makes you feel healthy. Eating sugary sweets only makes you crave more sugary sweets, so when you eliminate them from your daily diet you won't crave them as often and when you do indulge, you will feel much more deserving of a treat.

Drink most of your water at the beginning of the day so that when you get busy in the afternoon and forget to drink all that water you already will have that accomplished. Waiting until nighttime to drink your water will keep you rushing to the bathroom all night long and will disrupt your much-needed beauty sleep. You need water to survive, so why are you spending time at the soda fountain when you know that you need to stay hydrated, and hydrated does not mean a glass of water with each meal. Water removes toxins from your body, helps get your energy up, and clears your head. The Fountain of Youth is nothing but water, so drink up!

Getting your heart rate up a for at least 30 minutes every single day will give you a youthful glow. Not only that, but exercise helps with fat loss, and it makes your body stronger. The human body is not designed to sit around all day watching Netflix, but if you simply can't get away from that show, do something while watching it. It really is that simple. Exercise reduces your risk of chronic diseases, improves your sleep quality, and keeps you mobile into your late age.

Sleeping is the rest that your body requires to repair itself from damage caused by stress and environmental factors. Sleep improves memory, makes you more alert, and reduces your stress levels. Sleeping can also help with depression, but depression can be caused by the absence of all these lifestyle markers. Once the motivation has depleted, it is difficult to find it again.

Making these things a routine will improve the quality of your life and could make you feel invincible. Give it a shot!