The Biggest Secret revealed at last.

Feminism comes in many different forms. You can be a conservative feminist, a liberal feminist, a heterosexual feminist, a queer feminist, a male feminist, and you could even be a Christian feminist. I promise I promise, being a Christian feminist isn't the secret and dear God I hope that isn't going to be the thing to blow your mind today.

After sorting through all the different types of feminists and all the different things that separate those people, guess what the one thing is that holds them together? Its the ONE BIG SECRET I've been dying to tell the world about feminism...



It's tiring to see people today not call themselves "feminists" because the idea has been misconstrued and twisted up in order to produce this man-hating mantra when in reality feminism was made by Our Founding Mothers like Betty Friedan and Jane Addams in order to make a promise to women all over the world that their lives matter, they matter as much as a mans, and their lives should always matter that much in every which way. It came from the same place as the Civil Rights movement, it came from a place of hope for a better, more equal world. Women who don't want to be associated with feminism are doing so based on misinformation.

If you believe that women should get paid the same amount an hour as a man, you are a feminist.

If you believe that a mother's career is just as important as her husbands, you are a feminist.

If you think gender-based discrimination shouldn't take place in professional settings, you are a feminist.

If you think that a woman's life is just as important as a mans, you are a feminist.

The point is, feminism isn't something to fear or something taboo. Its a way to say, "I know my worth, I know my value, and I know that I matter just as much as anyone else". It's a way to empower those who may not feel as though they matter. It promotes equality for all in a world were inequalities are always seen as more significant. Feminism in its truest form doesn't contradict the principles of Conservatism nor does it contradict the tenants of Christianity.

In today's day and age, we need to come together and lift each other up rather than focus on the differences that separate us. Although feminism is rooted in its political nature, it can be separated and used for its great social connection capabilities. Women should know their value regardless of how others may view them and feminism creates the platform for women to realize that. We need to take the opportunity to take a women's fight for equality into our own hands and make it our responsibility because no one should ever feel like they're not good enough based on societal perceptions.