I have eight pets. Three dogs and five cats. I know that sounds like an actual zoo exhibit but they're the best animals a girl could have. When I moved to college and for the first two years away, I didn't have any pets with me. It was a huge adjustment and I honestly felt like something was missing from my life.

Then came Ravioli. One day after a bad break-up my friend Sara invited me to get some dinner with her. As we walked up to the restaurant (Olive Garden), little Ravioli came right up to us and stole our hearts. We immediately took her home and got supplies so we could co-parent her.

All of my pets have personalities, but Ravi is unreal and for the first time ever I wondered what my pet does when I'm not home. For the past few weeks, I've gathered evidence to piece together her life outside of me.

Based on fur clumps I've discovered her favorite spot to sleep is either right on the edge of my bed or the pillow next to mine. While neither of those seems weird she doesn't sit in either of those spots when I'm home? I've also actually caught her sitting downstairs belly up on my couch!

Another weird thing I found out is she drinks dishwater from the sink. She didn't notice me in the kitchen one day or just didn't care but I watched her get up on the counter and just drink from a bowl! I immediately pulled her away from it, because gross, but this has made me way more cautious of what I leave lying around.

Finally, the weirdest thing is something she actually doesn't do when I'm home. She doesn't cry or bother to do anything. I went back home one weekend and left her in my room when I was home she would cry to be let out and scratch at the door. But if I wasn't home my parents said she wouldn't cry or scratch or anything just sleep.

Overall, my little experiment just made me realize she played me. I thought she was a needy little bean who always wanted me around but really she is just fine without me!