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16 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Deserves A Chance

Excuse me, this album isn't like any other.

16 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Deserves A Chance

Who is 5 Seconds Of Summer? Well, they're just one of the biggest bands in the world at the moment.

They're just four guys from a small town in Australia who just decided to make a band in 2011. Their fan base grew when they went on tour with One Direction (RIP) in 2012. Ever since then they have grown and so has their fan base.

Whoops, my fangirl is showing but I don't care. 5 Seconds of Summer just released their third album, Youngblood. Their last album released almost two years ago, so they had everyone on the edge of their seats. This album is above and beyond anything that I was expecting from them.

Each song has a different sound and gives off a different vibe. It shows you that they were experimenting and pushing themselves to grow musically and lyrically. Listening to this album compared to 'Sounds Good Feels Good' shows you how much work they put into creating this album. Not to mention Youngblood offers a completely different sound than what Sounds Good Feels Good did.

You can tell that they put their hearts into this record and honestly I'm so happy that it's out. Not to mention I've had it on repeat since it's been released.

1. "Youngblood"

Youngblood is the title track of the album and this was the second single they released off the album. Listening to the album as a whole this song sets the tone of how the album will be. Not to mention they released an acoustic version of the song that is just as good.

2. "Want You Back"

I've talked about this song in one of my articles already, click here to read that. But this song is another bop that has an acoustic version too. Both versions of the song are amazing and I can see myself screaming the lyrics to this song for a while.

3. "Lie To Me"

"Lie to Me" was one of the songs that fans heard live first which isn't a disappoint at all. Listen Luke sounds so good on this song I was floored. I love the emotion that comes comes out of this song

4. "Valentine"

This was another song that performed live before the studio version was released. This feels like an anti-cheesy Valentine's Day song to me. With lyrics like "Throw balloons, teddy bears and the chocolate eclairs away" how could I not think that. But this song is a completely different sound than what the others are and it's something I wasn't expecting from them and I like it for that reason.

5. "Talk Fast"

This song kind of sounds like it's like an 80's revival type song. Talk about a completely different sound than any other song on the album.

6. "Moving Along"

This song gives me major All American Rejects vibes, maybe because of their song Move Along but that's beside the point. Anyway this song reminds me of things that you'd think about after you break up with someone. It's a real bop though and I can tell you that I'm not scared to move to the next song!

7. "If Walls Could Talk"

When I tell you that every song has a completely different vibe, I'm not lying. Their experimentation with different instruments and the way to incorporate different sounds is wild. This song is no different. The lyrics on this one are some of my favorite on the album.

8. "Better Man"

Going from a song about walls keeping secrets to a song that talks about how someone's love making you a better person is honestly a wild ride. But my favorite lyric from this song would have to be "Darling, all of my wrongs, they lead me right to you" because it shows that even through all their wrongs they are still becoming a better person with someone's love.

9. "More"

I can feel the emotion in this song. It's almost like it's the last life line before a break up and it's almost like a twist on a typical break up song. Not to mention the drum solo at the end of the song is golden (Thanks Ashton).

10. "Why Won't You Love Me"

My first reaction when I saw this song title was "excuse me, who hurt them enough to have a song title like this"? Nonetheless I feel the emotion in this song. It's like telling a story and I love that about this song

11. "Woke Up In Japan"

I absolutely love this song from beginning to end. It's amazing. Honestly, I'm glad they put this song after a sad song because It brings the tempo back up. The snaps in it just add a whole different feel to it.

12. "Empty Wallets"

Another freaking bop and a song I can see myself dancing to during the concert. I catch myself bopping my head and dancing to this song. I really like how the production value of the whole album is soo much better and you can tell they gave it their all. To think there's still songs left.

13. "Ghost Of You"

There's always one song on their album that has me in tears and for "Youngblood" this song is it. The lyrics in this song are amazing. I think the part that gets me is at the end when they sign "Then my feet don't dance like they did with you" and the song fades (cue sobs).

14. "Monster Among Men"

This is my absolute favorite song on this album. I love that the song slowly builds from just keyboard and vocals adding drums and a bass then it becomes an entire production. Listen, when Michael comes in at the beginning of this song with great vocals I was hooked. Everything about this song is great.

15. "Meet You There"

Y'all this is a bop. I love the lyric "and if were meant to, I'll meet you there" because I think it's saying that if it's meant to be it'll be and I'll meet you there.

16. "Babylon"

Calum, the bassist, came through on this track with the vocals. Honestly my wig is snatched and I cannot believe he sounds so good like I know he has good vocals but damn Calum came for blood.

This album is honestly one of best, if not the best album of 2018. When you release an album that is full of bops how can it not be the best. Click here to listen to the album for yourself and tell me what you think..

Thank you 5SOS for putting the work into this album and surprising me (and all of your fans) with the pure gold that this album is. I can't wait to see how the songs are performed live!

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