The NFL draft came to an end a few weeks ago. Many great players going in rounds one through seven, but many of the best players in the draft came out of the SEC (Southern Eastern Conference). Most of the teams in the SEC are teams that are consistently good every year but produce a lot of top tier prospects to be drafted in the next upcoming draft. They were the most significant power five conferences, but at the same time the Big 12, once again, was the disappointing conference, not producing a lot of top tier talent. Its a landslide, by far, on who produced the best talent for the draft.

The SEC, once again, dominates the draft, having an SEC record of over 350 players on the active NFL roster in 2018. Again, the SEC dominated in the first round, with nine players selected from the SEC compared to the second place of seven players being taken in the first round from the Big Ten. Ever since entering the 2010's, the SEC has dominated in players being taken in the first round, great players, too. In 2011, Cam Newton from Auburn was selected first overall in the draft and same as 2014, when Jadeveon Clowney was taken first overall. There have been many great players who have played in the SEC to end up dominating in the NFL. Many Heisman winners from the SEC have gone on to have successful careers in the NFL, such as Mark Ingram, Derick Henry, and Cam Newton. The list goes on for the SEC and the players they produce, who go on to have very good careers in the NFL.

The SEC is known to produce many good players, but nothing can be proved that the defensive players the SEC has produced in recent years. The SEC has produced and developed some great defensive players in the collegiate level in the past years. Alabama is best known out of any of the SEC schools for producing the best players, mainly for defensive line and linebackers, while LSU is known for secondary and defensive back players. What you can't deny is that the SEC is known to produce many great premium pass rusher. Alone in this year's draft, sixty-four players were taken in the draft compared to their closest predecessor, the Big Ten which only forty players were taken in this year's draft.

The SEC is one of the best conferences in collegiate sports, but football is where it shines the best. The SEC will continue to get better and the increasing need for better players. The SEC will continue to produce great and valuable players for NFL teams in the future.