When spring rolls around, it's not even worth it to go outside anymore. Seasonal allergies make springtime completely unenjoyable. If you're someone who is legitimately allergic to everything, this one is for you.

1. The morning sneeze attack 

Counting how many times you sneeze in a row is a competition you have with yourself daily

2. Itchy eyes

When you drown your eyes in water because they are so itchy you're convinced there is pollen in them.

3. The sniffles

In a silent room you can always tell who has seasonal allergies.

4. Having to explain your allergies

Spring allergies, and I cannot stress this enough, ruin lives.

2. The sneeze attack in public

When you can't stop sneezing in public and all eyes are on you.

6. Hives

There's nothing like trying to enjoy the great outdoors...only to break out in hives.

7. Becoming a tissue connoisseur  

Making sure there is a tissue in every bag and jacket pocket is essential to survive allergy season.

8. When you're friends ask you if you're sick

"I swear I'm not going to get you sick it's just allergies."

9. Religiously taking allergy medicine

Even though the meds don't usually help, it's the thought that counts.

10. Benadryl 

There are just days you simply cannot live without Benadyrl. Hush, hush allergies, it's time for you to go to sleep.

11. Hating spring

There's just no way someone with seasonal allergies can enjoy spring. It's too painful.