Sci-Fi On Odyssey: Breaking From Society

Sci-Fi On Odyssey: Breaking From Society

I stand alone in this because I have no one that relates.

I walk the edge of the outer city following the formation of workers in my group. We all step together in time. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Up to my right in the far distance, I can see the headquarters of the city beyond the wall separating us and them. Most of us do not know about them apart from the fact that we should strive to please the Elite at all costs. We do our work. We eat the strict diet and vitamins they require by law. We are by no means to ask questions.

I am different from most of us, however. My course of vitamins has been changed by the Neutrals multiple times. None of these times do they seem pleased by the results. I can tell why. I act differently from the rest of the Dregs. The rest of us, besides me, seems to be...not all there. They go about like robots, awakening at the same time, moving together exactly in uniform, and never failing once. I find it hard to keep up with their seemingly automated motions.

I look up at the stars. I fall out of step. I falter constantly. Today I trip and fall into an alley and by the time I’ve gotten up and turned around my group is gone. I contemplate whether I should try to catch up to them or just sneak back to the barracks. I decide to take a back route rather than go for any further experimentation because of my abnormality. This path leads near the inner part of the city and near here I begin to see some Elite from the windows high up in their apartments.

They look the same as me structurally. I mean, we both look human. We were once the same before genetic modification took over. At first, these modifications were used for good. Parents would have genetic testing done before having an egg implanted to ensure their child would not inherit any health issues common to their family. Next people would go beyond that and try to manipulate the genetics of an embryo to be smarter, faster, and possess capabilities that humans had never had before.

This seemed like the greatest invention of all time, but even the creator warned about its dangers. Several journals were posted by the best scientists, but pop culture would not listen. The media continued to push modification until it seemed like the only option to have children. Eventually, a black market for modification became available to those who could not afford the costs. Genetic modification done in this setting was often botched and the children resulting from said procedures were dull and lifeless like a dirty penny.

Not only did they not possess any of the benefits spread about genetic modification, but they were even worse off than a human that was born with no manipulation. They possessed no ability to think or do much of anything at all. Researchers did find that they could teach these children to be great manual workers. So rather than killing off these children, which were increasing steadily in number, it was decided that they would be trained to do the jobs no one else wanted to do. They were somehow seen as useful then, but still not seen as people.

More workers were created by the first generation mating and creating a second generation as well as more failed mutations continuing to be sent to work. Eventually, the issue reached the courts about whether or not these mutations should be allowed, but the rich corporations that ran these industries, as well as the Elite class growing from the successes, prevented a ban on the mutations. Not soon after, the Elite's proposed that these workers should entirely be segregated from themselves and they even said they would fund this idea.

Currently, I am a descendant of two of these genetic mutations. That is why I remain in the outer city. I overhead a conversation I was not supposed to hear which is why I know so much about the history of what became of our town as opposed to everyone else on my level. I can only assume that whatever genetics resulted from my parents must have been recessive. Their dominant genes are mutated and their recessive genes being non-mutated. I can only assume based on the little information that I have that I somehow received the non-mutated genes from both sides of my parents. This would not make me a Dreg or an Elite but means that I would not fit into the current class system of our society.

My presence within this society could completely crash the current system if I were to be discovered. No one would know where to put me and it would bring into question the validity of our grouping process. Me. Just one person could entirely collapse the morals of the people above me and perhaps make things different. But then I question if I come out whether or not they will change for better or just terminate me like they do the extreme genetic mutations who cannot even function.

I have heard that the creator of these genetic mutation has a house on the border between the inner city and the outer city. It is a worn down one-story house that was built into the wall when he refused to move out — his final rebellion against everyone that would not listen to his warnings. He has aged quite a bit at this point, but he remains the most accessible person with the most knowledge.

I know that I’m thinking radically right now, but what if I were to escape away to find him. What better time than now considering how I have been left behind by my group. The risk of getting caught with him... I don’t know what they would do to me, but maybe it’s worth risking. The thought of having an actual human interaction with someone is honestly convincing enough for me, but I could work with him to shatter this society and get genetic mutation banned.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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