Rain pounded my windshield as I was rushing to an appointment. I just wanted to get there.

I was irritated that I couldn't see well. I was irritated that I was wet and cold. I was irritated with the lack of time I had.

I was especially irritated with how slow the traffic had gotten all- of- a- sudden. My heart was pounding hot with anger as I followed the car in front of me way too close. "Why won't they go?!" I thought to myself as I huffed and puffed behind the wheel. I began to look around and see everyone around me slow down as well.

Flashing yellow lights to the right caught my eye.

"School Zone!" they shouted at me inaudibly.

My pounding hot, road rage subsided as I began to willingly slow with the traffic. Yes, a little guilt seeped its way in my conscience. Not because I was speeding, but because I didn't understand. I did not want to understand. I had somewhere to be, I had something to do, and I was not going as fast as I would have liked.

How many times do I do this on a daily basis, not just on the road? How many times do I blow through my day, my week, my year, and disregard a world that is crying out:

Slow down. Look at me. Listen to me. Know me.

We're all in a school zone. We either drag people along with us who can't go the same speed, or we go so fast and steam through our lives that we end up burning people along the way.

We fight to scoot around the inconveniences and ride bumper to bumper with our frustrations.

We disregard the feelings and the needs of other people and destroy relationships with the intensity of our words that burn and smoke.

Slow down for the sake of the world and its brokenness. Take precautions to not speed through in hate.

Love slowly.

Be patient.