21 Times Schmidt from "New Girl" Described Your Finals Week

21 Times Schmidt from "New Girl" Described Your Finals Week

Study hard, buckle up, and enjoy every college kid's nightmare – finals week.


Once again, dead week is here and finals week is approaching. There's nothing like ruining the hype of a long break by having to take exams all week. It may be all worth it in the end, but still, the struggle is real. Here's 21 times Schmidt from "New Girl" perfectly reenacted our emotions as we suffer through the week of hell.

1. Waking up on Sunday realizing that it's finals week

But, you still need a good three months to pull your grades up.

2. Then that overly-enthusiastic person walks by and says, "Happy Finals Week!!!"

The nerve they have.

3. When your friend calls to ask if you finished that 100 point project that's due

Hey professors, you can't assign us something on the first day and expect us to remember it by the end of the semester!! Gotta crank something out and take a 60%.

4. When your friends ask you how long you've been studying

It feels like you're heading towards your own funeral.

5. Either that or the first time you looked at the material was 30 minutes before the exam

Did we actually learn this?!?! "I haven't shown up to class since the first week, so how do you expect me to know this?!"

6. When you show up to your final and find out how many people are actually in the class

Either you only came to class on the exam days, or they did.

7. Finding every excuse not to study

Yeah, I'm gonna need a three day recovery period after that final - studying for the next final is gonna have to take a back seat.

8. There's always somebody that asks you to pull an all-nighter

"Let's do it! But, I actually need to study this time." -You, even though you know you'll end up messing around the whole time

9. Halfway through the all-nighter and all you've learned is the true meaning of regret

Bad idea. Bad idea. Too late to stop now.

10. The walk of shame to your final after the all-nighter

Can't keep your eyes open, haven't showered, and learned nothing. Once again, you're asking yourself why you did this.

11. But you always have to give yourself that mandatory pep-talk

Especially when you know you're going to fail. But hey, you got this!

12. When you skip the first question because you don't know the answer... and the next one... and the next one

And you start to realize that your only 30 minutes of studying right before the final didn't pay off.

13. But then you finally get a question that you're confident on

And you start questioning your ability to become the next Albert Einstein.

14. When the professor asks how you think the final went

Why even ask? How do you think?

15. Soon enough, the sleep deprivation of finals week starts to kick in

We're all on a little sleep high. We can't be blamed for our actions.

16. And there's always that one person that complains about their 92% while you're struggling to keep a 70%

They're always around to help remind you how unsuccessful you are. Just remember, you're probably acing the "memories" part of college while they're flunking it.

17. Still, your teacher refuses to bump your 71% up to a 90%

"What do you mean you can't do that???"

18. At last, your confidence is soaring because you somehow made it through all your finals

"Bow down to me; I'll take my Grammy award now." The cockiness has reached its peak, even if you know you bombed every final.

19. Yet somehow, somebody has the decency to ask how your week was

...knowing damn well what you're going to say! 'Cause it sure wasn't rainbows and butterflies.

20. Finally, finals week is over... and you survived

You survived... this time.

21. But you still have to survive the first morning of break

...This may be worse than any of the finals you took.

Finals week sucks, and the actual exams are worse. But, we only do the work to reap the benefits. Study hard, buckle up, and enjoy every college kid's nightmare –– finals week.

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