I find myself shivering in my cute Halloween socks as the October holiday rounds the corner. The notion of eating free candy and dressing up is obviously a thumbs up for me, but the thought of watching a movie that pierces the depths of your soul as you watch it in the middle of the night frightens me just a little. Having to go to sleep afterwards is like sweating, suffocating, and hyperventilating at the same time. I pull my covers over my head, curl up into a little ball and refuse to be exposed to what horrors awaited me in the sticky blackness of my room. In all realness, what is a blanket going to do to protect me?


I know I'm not the only one that doesn't enjoy the thrill and the scare as much as some other people. I'd much rather watch a rom com or an adventure movie or literally anything BUT a movie that keeps me awake at night and causes me to see people with chainsaws in my closet. I feel like I'm hitting home with a good portion of the population so I'm going to keep going.

So quick question, has anyone ever felt something pull back their covers? Nah, I'm not going to go that far. The point is, for some people, watching a scary movie causes more stress than for others. I'm convinced I sprouted at least four gray hairs after I watched Silence of the Lambs. That's not okay. I'm 18.

Going into this season, I am asked by many of my friends if I would be interested in watching the newest scary movie. Saying no to them, although that is what I desperately want to do, is not the easiest thing. Not being a part of the "scary movie marathon" can sometimes feel like you're missing out on quality time with friends. I remember one year in high school, my friend was having a scary movie marathon on "Halloween Eve" at her house, and I refused hysterically, knowing I wouldn't enjoy it at all. The next day, her and three of my other friends had story after story to tell. I hate that feeling of being on the outside of the circle of inside jokes and 'if-only-you-had-been-there's. It sucks and it's sad.


But here is some encouragement to those of you who don't enjoy scary movies and are on the outside of the circle: who cares?! Let's see, what should I choose: my sanctity and peace of mind, or the warm fuzzy feeling of being included. It's not even a question! Some people start Halloween On October 1st-- yes, I have those friends-- so it can be hard when your roommate has Halloween movies on repeat in the dorm. But my sweet friends of sunshine and a low-scare tolerance, stay STRONG.

It can be easy to say, "yeah, I'll watch it, just for you." But think about what you're sacrificing. What will you feel more at piece with? It IS a big deal, you're not being dramatic, and you're perfectly fine. You're not alone in this. Now grab a snickers bar and watch yourself some Mean Girls.