It is Time to Settle the Battle of the Best Halloween Movie
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It is Time to Settle the Battle of the Best Halloween Movie

Halloween Town...The Nightmare Before Christmas...Hocus Pocus... Beetle Juice...Halloween... The Adam's Family. It is time to settle the battle of what movie is the best of Halloween

It is Time to Settle the Battle of the Best Halloween Movie;maxHeight=640;maxWidth=550

Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular

As an adaptation of Jill Thompson's children's comic book series Scary Godmother, this movie is hands down the best Halloween movies and here is why.

1. Diversity of characters


There are the outgoing social characters, the reserved quiet ones, preppy and the goths, the huge monsters and the skinny ones. Even though so many of the characters are different, this movie shows that everyone can get along despite being different and "scary" looking.

2.  It is kid and adult friendly


Both the books and the movies were created by Thompson to create a bridge gap between adults and children. Thompson found it hard to find comics and stories that were kid-friendly but not too childish that the adults would feel insulted reading. The movie includes witty comments that are all profanity-free and overall teaches valuable lessons.

3. It teaches valuable lessons


It teaches children (and adults) that even though someone may look a certain way, they are not their stereotypes. That each individual is unique and different and that is okay! Even if everyone is different and may think and act differently, everyone can get along!

It also shows that you should never judge a book by its cover so to speak. Just because someone may look "scary", you should get to know that person and you will be surprised by who you befriend!

As Skully says to Hannah; monsters are a lot like spiders: some are really nice, and some are not so nice. But all of them are creepy and crawly.

4. We all have fears and nobody is perfect


Jimmy is just like every older brother/sister; a jokester who finds their younger sibling annoying. They just want to be the cool kid and don't want their younger siblings hanging around them. At the end, when Scary Godmother scares Jimmy, it goes to show that Jimmy and every other brother/sister aren't as tough as they make everyone think. They are human and prone to be scared just like everyone else.

This is why it is the best movie and nobody can tell me differently.

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