I'm a horror fanatic. I love watching horror movies, reading horror fiction, and watching scary videos on Youtube. I'm immune to being scared because I know it's all for entertainment. However, one thing that does terrify me is the unknown, especially unknown noises.

While most noises in the world can be explained, there are some that cannot. These noises baffle scientists and challenge skeptics of the paranormal. Some of the sounds on this list have been debunked, but it still doesn't make them any less horrifying. If you dare, listen through the list below and see what you think.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Saturn's Rings

I don't care if we know what causes this sound, it's downright creepy. It's like demonic screeching and I absolutely hate it. Oh, and did I mention the other planets sounds are just as bad? Go listen to those too.

2. Operation Wandering Soul

This sound was used during the Vietnam War by Psychological Operations. The Vietnamese believed that if someone died and was not buried in their homeland, their soul would be left to wander aimlessly in pain for eternity. Now just imagine that you're a soldier who's sleep deprived and ridden with anxiety, and suddenly you hear this.

3. The Trumpets

Many people have reported hearing strange "trumpet-like" sounds coming from the sky and have even recorded them. Some believe that this the sounds of the apocalypse or a signal of the end of the world. Scientists believe it is tectonic plates shifting underneath the earth's crust. What do you think it is?

4. Child Drowning EVP (skip to 4:00 in video)

The story goes that ghost hunters were investigating an old abandoned asylum and captured an EVP of what appears to be a child drowning, even though there was no water present. Whether this is real or not, it's still chilling to hear.

5. Aztec Death Whistle

Similar to Operation Wandering Soul, the Aztec Death Whistle was created to cause fear in their opponents during battle. In my opinion, the skull shape of the whistle is very appropriate. All I can say is that if I heard this, I would surely run the other way.

6. Swedish Rhapsody

Number stations are basically radio broadcasts coming from an unknown location, transmitting code-like numbers. They're also extremely creepy. The Swedish Rhapsody is no different, but the child's voice combined with the eerie music just makes this one even more haunting

7. The Ghost Song

i do not care how much I love horses, when it comes to this song I do NOT like them. I won't even listen to this entire song because too much of it gave me a headache. Apparently the composer wanted to embody pure evil in song form and well, I think he achieved it.

8. Recording from 1860 of the first Human Voice

I will never hear "Au Clair de la Lune" ever again. This is the recording of the first human voice in 1860. Thankfully, technology has greatly improved.

9. Broken Tornado Warning in Chicago

I don't appreciate my alarm at 6:30 in the morning so I for sure do NOT appreciate this one either. If any of my friends see this article and think this will be a nice way to wake me up, it won't be.

10. Auditory Hallucinations

As a psychology major, I actually enjoy this one even though it does mildly terrify me that patients go through this. I can't imagine hearing this everyday, but the fact that something like this exists is a great teaching tool for psychologists and people who want to better understand mental health issues.

Are you scared yet? If I managed to mildly freak you out, yay! I did my job well. If you aren't scared, then oh well, there's always next time. What did you think of some of these noises? Did you find a plausible cause for the unsolved ones or are you just as clueless as the rest of us?