3 Reasons I'm Going Back To The Gym
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I'm Scared Of Going To The Gym But These 3 Reasons Are Helping Me Stay Motivated

Gym intimidation is no longer an excuse for not working out!

I'm Scared Of Going To The Gym But These 3 Reasons Are Helping Me Stay Motivated

Quarantine has not been kind to my fitness goals. With gyms opening back up, I want to get back into working out! Gym intimidation has been keeping me from going, but these three reasons are my motivation for getting back into my workout routine.

1. I am SO out of shape

I know the whole point of going to the gym is to get stronger and get in better shape, but it can be so discouraging after those first five minutes of working out and already feeling tired. I always want to quit right then and there and forget this ever happened. I'm someone who wants to be perfect the first time I try something, so not being able to run for more than five minutes or lift more than 20 pounds makes me feel like a lazy failure.

However, we all have to start somewhere — if it was easy, everyone would do it! Instead of focusing on how I used to be able to run a mile, I am choosing to focus on my goals.

2. The machines are confusing

"Why is this gym so big? I can't find ANYTHING. What's the proper form? How do I adjust the seat? WHY DOES THAT MACHINE LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE?"

Sorry, exercise machine manufacturers, your "helpful" diagram of how to use your machine isn't helpful at all.

If it's not clear already, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Out of fear and embarrassment that I'll use something incorrectly, I just avoid it entirely. However, I know in order to achieve my goals and push myself further, I need to learn.

So, I've been doing my research! I have been watching tutorials on YouTube about how to properly use the machines, and I feel a lot more confident when I'm working out.


They obnoxiously grunt when they lift weights, they take up the entire area with their stuff, and you can't help but feel like there's at least one who's watching you — anticipating a mistake or "checking out" your form.

I remember when I went to the gym in my hometown I was using a machine, and not even two reps into my exercise I see out of the corner of my eye a man staring at me — I choose to ignore him.

I stopped after my first set to drink some water and change the song I was listening to, and I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"Are you almost done?" he asked. I can practically smell his pre-workout through all of his machismo. Uh, WHAT?

Maybe I'm not caught up on the latest trends in gym etiquette, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do THAT.

That was just one instance — I've had multiple times where I've been stopped in the middle of working out due to some MAN asking to use the machine or trying to correct me on my form. While I'm sure the latter is based out of good intentions (or maybe it's not), it's still creepy coming from a man at least twice my age.

This has probably been the biggest hurdle when it comes to going to the gym. I tend to avoid the weight room and stick to the upper floor with the cardio machines.

But I'm not going to let this fear run my life! This is why I'm going to make a point for each visit to go into the weight room and use at least one machine...and take my sweet time doing it.

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