The 15 Stages Of Spring Break With Your IRL Friends As Told By The TV Show 'Friends'

The 15 Stages Of Spring Break With Your IRL Friends As Told By The TV Show 'Friends'

"That's right, mom and dad. Your little harmonica is hammered." - Monica Geller

Taylor Coffey

#sprangbreakszn is upon us all. Students all around the world are working their butts off to get through these next two/three weeks and through their midterms in order to relax on their break; myself included!

Spring break is the holy grail of breaks in college because it gives the students a chance to enjoy seeing their families, eating home cooked meals and ice cream, laying on the beach, not having any tests, taking naps without feeling like they're falling behind of forgetting to do something.

1. Spring break creeps up on you and you worry about your body. After you realize that spring break is two weeks away and you're not going to get a drastic change in your body in that amount of time, you end up like Joey.

2. Then you finally decide what your plans for SB2KXX are!

3. Realizing you have to make it two weeks before it is actually spring break.

4. Trying to save all of your money during the weeks approaching spring break.

5. Sitting in class thinking about all the things you're going to do on spring break.

6. When someone decides to remind you that you still have another week and you have to take a minute to recoup.

7. Trying to decide what to pack like...

8. It's the first day of spring break and you go hard like Phoebe.

9. Then the next day, it goes a little like this.

10. When you see a really cute dude and imagine that you could one day get married if he talked to you like Joey.

11. When you're scrolling through Instagram and see something that hurts your heart.

12. But then your friends tell you how well you planned this trip.

13. Later that night at da club...

14. After a couple days of fun, you are reminded that Spring Break is nearly at its end.

15. When you reluctantly return to school and your teachers ask why you didn't study or do homework during the past week.

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