The San Francisco 49ers Won The Battle Of The Bay Against The Raiders

The San Francisco 49ers Won The Battle Of The Bay Against The Raiders

Let's be honest, we all knew who was going to take home the dub in this battle.


This Thursday Night Football game was one to remember for #faithful fans.

The San Francisco 49ers just won the 'battle of the bay' against the Oakland Raiders.

It wasn't just a big game for the 49ers but Nick Mullens showed off outstanding touchdown passes. It must feel amazing to win your first starting game in the Levi Stadium. It's nerve-racking when your teams first AND second string quarterbacks are out on injuries. Looking at the T.V. watching Mullens throw, that first touchdown pass he could've been mistaken for a ten-year veteran.

In the middle of the game, he gained a blue check mark and became verified on twitter! To open your phone to thousands of new followers and 'congratulations' would be enough to have me emotional.

The Southern Miss Alum had a lot to celebrate. Watching the post game you could tell how choked up he was. You could see on his face that he felt so many emotions at this time. This was a special night for him, this was the game that started his career.

He is a dedicated guy, although he's been in the program for two years and this is his first game that wasn't preseason. he has gone above and beyond to make sure he's gotten the practice that he needs to be ready for an official game. He's worked so hard to get where he is today and he deserves every bit of success he has gotten thus far. There is no doubt in my mind that number 4 jerseys will be going out of stock in no time.

Mullens made sure to make it a point that this is just one game. It was an important game but he knows there is a long road ahead of him.

One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time Brett Farve, also a former Southern Miss Golden Eagle congratulated Nick on his performance.

Us Niners fans have earned some bragging rights when it comes to who rules the Bay.

With Jimmy Garoppolo's injury I think Nick Mullens just became the first string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

That's why we play the game, Congratulations @NickMullens !!!

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"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day."


Stressed AF about finals?

Let Pooh take the wheel:

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6.  "Think, think, think." 

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Our Zanessa Hearts Are Full Again

For anyone who loved Zac and Vanessa together, this news is for you.


Anyone who grew up during the High School Musical era was obsessed. They loved the songs, and the movie was constantly on repeat. Nothing else was thought or talked about during the years of the High School Musical hype.

The one thing we all shared in common was our love for Zac Efron. He was the heartthrob of our generation. Nobody else could compare to him.

The only thing that made not having the unobtainable Zac Efron was the fact he was dating his co-star and onscreen love, Vaness Hudgens. That truly was what dreams were made of. If you couldn't have Zac at least he was dating Vanessa.

The ship name Zanessa came about, and HSM fans were ecstatic. What could be better than having Troy and Gabriella dating in real life? The answer is absolutely nothing.

Then once the franchise ended, Zanessa was no more. We were all heartbroken. If we couldn't have Troy and Gabriella anymore, at least Zanessa existed. But that was all over with.

It's been nearly 10 years since then, and there is hope for us all again! Well, at least a sliver of it.

Vanessa Hudgens recently came out talking about how her relationship with Zac during the filming of each movie really grounded her. She even goes to say that without him, she wouldn't have survived filming without him.

That spark of hope was enough for fans all over the world to go crazy. They really do still think of each other. And acknowledged what an influential part of their life HSM was.

For any die-hard fan like myself, this was the best news possible. Even if they couldn't be together, at least there is the possibility that they were still friends. And that is enough for someone who loved Zanessa.

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