Is Going To The Same College As Your Parents A Good Idea?

The whole college process for me was a blur. All I remember is that my high school counselor was a guardian angel, I applied to 14 schools, didn't know if I wanted to play golf or not, go to a big school or not, stay in Ohio or not, attend a Catholic school, or not, and definitely didn't have a clue what I wanted my major to be. This made looking for a college QUITE the task. I didn't have a clue where I wanted to go.

For some background, my parents are high school sweethearts and dated all throughout college. They both attended Bowling Green State University in the Northwestern part of Ohio, which might as well have been in Canada for all I cared. My dad studied Business and played baseball while my mom studied to become a teacher. They were living the dream up there, but all that came back with them to my young childhood ears was jokes of the frigid cold that would freeze my dad's snot rockets mid shot and air so brisk, my mom's hair had quite literally broken. Well, those things, and that the colors of orange and brown that hung in our basement were not exactly my cup of tea.

If you look back to the right side of this article, you will see that I write for Bowling Green State University Odyssey, so to put two and two together for you, I ended up here too. Not entirely sure how, if we're being completely honest. I remember applying for BG on my phone while floating out on the boat at lunchtime in Tennessee, never in a million years thinking I would go to the school up north. God has his hand in everything, however, and he definitely picked me up and put me here, in this beautiful town on this gorgeous campus that I now call home. I have learned how much it reminds me of my small town of Lebanon, and how this community has shaped me to be my best version of myself.

At BGSU, I have found my home away from home. I have found my place in the President's Leadership Academy, found my voice writing for the Odyssey, developed my passions through service, expanded my family through my lifelong friends this university has blessed me with, stepped out of my comfort zone, and have touched and been touched by so many hearts on campus.

I never thought that the orange and brown banner that hangs in my dad's home office would one day hang over my bed in my dorm room. I couldn't be more proud to go to the same school as my parents; it makes tailgates more fun, football games more special, and the alma mater more than just a song.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for making the hike up to see me, and thanks for believing in me no matter what. I love you!

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