13 Sad Movies To Watch When You Just Need To Feel Something
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Sometimes we need the final push to a good cry, or we feel numb and are desperate for any emotion, even if it's sadness. We've all been there, so here are 13 movies, in no particular order, sure to turn you into a hot, emotional mess!

1. 'Irreplaceable You'

This movie destroyed me.

It's about a young dying woman's journey to find her fiancé a new woman so that after she's gone he doesn't have to be alone. I watched it alone on a daunting quarantine night, and I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest.

Available for streaming on Netflix.

2. 'My Girl'

This movie also destroyed me. An eleven-year old's journey battling the fear of death, a new love interest for her father, and being in love with her teacher, all with her best friend beside her.

I watched this one on Netflix Party, also during quarantine, with my best friend. It took me a couple of weeks to recover. Not to be dramatic, but I'm still not over it.

Available with subscriptions to Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more, or for rent on Vudu, YouTube, and more.

3. 'Me Before You'

OK, I think it's fair to say that all of these movies destroyed me. A woman cares for a quadriplegic and their relationship unfolds. Based on the book by Jojo Moyes.

My mother made me watch this movie when I needed to cry. It was a successful mission!

Available for rent on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and more.

4. 'The Fault In Our Stars'

I think we can all agree that this one certainly tugs on our heartstrings. Two young cancer fighters fall in love.

I saw TFIOS at the movie theater and embarrassingly sobbed for the entire second half of the film.

Available for streaming on Disney+ or for rent from YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more.

5. 'Sunrise In Heaven'

A car accident puts a man's life at risk, challenging his wife's faith and reminding her of when they first fell in love.

This was another Netflix Party with my friend during quarantine and let's just say I went to bed with quite a heavy heart.

Available for rent from YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon Prime.

6. 'Marley and Me'

Based on the book by John Grogran, this movie follows the impact that yellow labrador, Marley, has on her new family.

Watching this movie was a truly embarrassing moment! I watched it on a coach bus surrounded by people I didn't know. I was the first to start crying, the last to stop, and definitely cried the hardest. Mascara was everywhere and I had strangers asking me if I was OK and offering me tissues.

Available for rent from YouTube Vudu, Amazon Prime, and more.

7. 'The Art of Racing in the Rain'

Based on the book by Garth Stein, this story is told from the perspective of Enzo, a friendly pup. It follows the life he shared with his owner/best friend and all of the major milestones and hardships they faced together along the way.

I read the children's adaptation of this book when I was younger, and I still was not even close to prepared for all of the emotional pain I felt from this movie. My parents and I watched it together and no one was OK.

Available with a subscription to HBO Max, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. 'To The Bone'

Twenty-year-old Ellen is sent to a group home by her malfunctioning family to battle anorexia.

I watched this alone on another quarantine night, it was not a major tearjerker for me personally but was definitely heavy and hard to watch.

Available for streaming on Netflix.

9. 'Manchester By The Sea'

Lee receives custody of his teen nephew following the death of his brother, forcing him to return to his hometown to face the past he's been running from.

Nothing like a family movie night ending with everyone feeling absolutely beside themselves.

Available for streaming on Amazon Prime or for rent from YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu.

10. 'Courageous'

Sheriff Adam turns to religion following a family loss. He and his coworkers work to become better parents and Christians so that they can be there for their families and community.

I watched this movie when I was much younger and I do not remember much from it, I bet my family doesn't even remember that we watched it, but for some reason, it always stuck with me.

Available for streaming on Hulu, Starz, and Amazon Prime or for rent from Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play.

11. 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green'

A loving couple buries a box of their hopes for a child, as they cannot conceive. Shortly after, Timothy shows up at their front door out of nowhere.

I watched this one in theaters as a kid and still cried. I think I'm just a crier.

Available for streaming on Disney+ or for rent from Amazon Prime, Vudu, and more.

12. 'Saving Mr. Banks'

This movie follows the story of how Walt Disney obtained the rights to Mary Poppins.

I do not remember it well, but I do remember seeing it with my mother and grandmother and the three of us crying in the bathroom after.

Available for streaming on Netflix and Disney+ or for rent from Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more.

13. 'The Boy In The Striped Pajamas'

Bruno moves near a concentration camp that his father works at and befriends Shmuel, a young boy at the concentration camp. They sit on opposite sides of the fence and their bond forms.

I watched this movie in English class in eighth grade. I don't remember much, I just remember my heart feeling heavy.

Available for streaming on Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime or for rent from YouTube, Google Play, and more.

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