Why Rutgers University Professors Might Go On Strike

The Possible Strike At Rutgers University Hinges On Barchi's Unfortunate Spending Decisions

It's time for Rutgers to fix its priorities. Our faculty is what keeps our university running. We stand with our teachers, and we expect change.


Whispers have been floating throughout the Rutgers University campus for quite some time of a teacher strike, and whether people are interested in the solidarity of faculty or the possible break from classes, there are a lot of questions being asked.

So what does this mean? And what do we know?

To understand the effect is to understand the cause. The union at Rutgers, American Association of University Professors - American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT), has been fighting "the corporate university" for over a year to achieve affordable education, more diverse representation, and better quality of our education. This could call for the first faculty and grad strike in the university's 253-year history, as President Barchi's priorities have been deemed twisted to those who are affected by them.

"Our working conditions are our students' learning conditions," said Rutgers AAUP-AFT.

The union has outlined what exactly they are fighting for, including three subcategories of equity, quality higher education, and security. This includes equal pay for part-time faculty, female faculty, and faculty in Newark and Camden campuses for equity, improvement of student/faculty ratio by hiring more full-time faculty, more diverse faculty, and more teaching assistantship to improve the university's quality of education, and salary increases ahead of cost-of-living, five-year graduate funding packages, longer and more secure contracts for non-tenure track faculty, and family/research-friendly work schedules for security.

AAUP-AFT has also highlighted some unnecessary, costly expenses that Barchi has been selecting to indulge instead of faculty salaries. These expenses include athletics subsidies ($193 million), liquid unrestricted reserves ($783 million), and money spent on coaches/administrators "golden parachutes" ($11.5 million).

Union members at Rutgers Newark have demonstrated protests by picketing for three hours last Tuesday. Rutgers — New Brunswick plans to follow this display if no contracts are made or improved, affecting its approximate 38,000 students just as the spring semester draws to a close.

"It's a final warning — contract or strike," said Deepa Kumar, the president of Rutgers AAUP-AFT. "Do the right thing and give us a fair contract. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to go on strike."

I stand with AAUP-AFT Rutgers professors who are prepared to strike in order to defend affordable, quality higher education. When we organize and stand together, we win.

Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders)

Though the university's spokespeople are claiming that negotiations are underway, a strike is still on track to happen at some point next week, leaving classrooms empty and students without work.

"Yeah, it's going to be complicated. Every syllabus is going to be screwed up," said Margaret Curran, an undergraduate student at Rutgers University – New Brunswick. "But it's something that needs to be done. We understand and we stand with our professors."

It's time for Rutgers to fix its priorities. Our faculty is what keeps our university running. We stand with our teachers, and we expect change.

For more information, you can visit www.rutgersaaup.org.

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22 Reasons Why I Chose To Be Part Of FGCU '22

I can say deciding to go to FGCU was the best decision I've made.


I grew up in Jackson, New Jersey. However, since the age of nine, I would spend every summer and holiday down in Cape Coral, Florida. My parents got a divorce when I was 8, and wound up being 1,200 miles apart. My dad heard about Florida Gulf Coast University from family and was admit about me taking a tour. I wasn't overly excited about touring the school, but I thought what was the worst that could happen?

1. My Campus Tour

If you told me three years ago that I would be attending a college in Florida, I would have told you that you're out of your mind. I was set on going to a college in New Jersey; I had a few in mind going into my junior year and was planning on scheduling tours at them — until I found FGCU. I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

I remember walking into the Welcome Center and immediately being greeted by the staff. They were filled with such enthusiasm, which was genuine. They wanted to make sure that each and every student felt like they were at home. I didn't feel like I was at a college tour- I felt like I arrived home.

I fell so in love with the campus, that as soon as I got home from my tour, I started figuring out what exactly I needed so that I could apply as soon as the applications opened.

I highly recommend for any and every student looking at attending a college, to go to a tour at this school. It's just something about being on that campus that will make you never want to leave.

2. Career and Developement Services

In college, many students change their major throughout their years at college. Luckily FGCU has a team dedicated to helping you figure out what you want to do as a career, and what the steps are to pursue it. They host career fairs, and provide you with help in getting an internship and/or job! They provide individual advising sessions, to help you to the best of their ability

3. The Dorms Are Big, Like REALLY Big

So the dorms are big. FGCU is known for having spacious dorms, but really no words could describe just how amazing they are. You could easily fit an elephant in there. FGCU is ranked in the top 10 best college dorms in the entire United States. You don't have to share a bedroom with another person, you get your own personal space.

4. FGCU Is Anti-Hazing

Fraternities and sororities exist all over the country. Many times there are horror stories about the hazing, that goes into becoming a member. Luckily at FGCU that is not a concern. They have a zero tolerance for hazing, and under no circumstances is it permitted. To even register to potentially be in a sorority you must complete an anti-hazing course online and pass a test on it. They have resources in place as long as a team ready to investigate any allegations of it.

5. The Dirty Birds

The Dirty Birds are the official fan section for all sports at FGCU. It is a $10 membership fee and it provides you with experiences year round! They offer Dirty Bird members opportunities such as seating directly behind the team and traveling to state competitions on a bus provided for you! After the games the teams also thank the Dirty Birds for coming, the amount of school spirit this school has is insane.

6. The Shuttle System

Although not too far of a walk from the dorms to the classrooms, there is no need to walk. The school provides a free shuttle service that runs EVERY 15 minutes! They pull up in front of Palmetto and travel to the music building and also the Cohen loop.

7. The Beach

In North Lake, which is primarily an upperclassmen living area, is FGCU's own little beach. The beach is beautiful and a great place to go to relieve stress. At the beach, you can relax in a beach chair, or check out the rentals that they have available.


On campus, there is counseling and psychological services, which is a source of mental health support. They offer walk in and weekly meetings, completely free. Many students utilize this resource, and I would encourage more too.

9. The Sovi Pool

In South Village, a giant pool is located right in the heart of the buildings. It's a great place to go sit and get a tan.

10. The Greek Life

FGCU has four different organizations. Panhellenic, IFC, NPHC and MGC. If you have an interest in joining Greek life, FGCU has many opportunities as each organization has a number of different fraternities/ sororities to join.

11. FGCU has Chick Fil A

The best part of my day is walking into the Cohen center and seeing Chick-fil-A. It's super convenient and they are always on top of their game in there.

12. The Amount of Organizations 

There is a registered student organization for everything. During my orientation, I was told that they just created a "People-Watching" club. The best part is, if they don't have an organization you want, you have to reach a minimum of three people and one adviser, and then you've made an RSO ( Registered Student Organization).

13. The Library

The library is beautiful. They have study rooms, cubes, and individual seating areas. It's a great place to go to study or print out anything you need to print. It's open

14. The Amount of Students

There are only around 15,000 students at FGCU, it's the perfect amount. It's not too small, but also not too big. It's the perfect fit.

15. Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are essentially like a "club team," where you play against other students in whatever category you chose to participate in. Even if you don't participate you can still head over and watch the games.

16. FGCU Has Area Council

Area council exists within the halls and buildings that residents reside in on campus. The council is made up of an executive board, as well as an advisor and delegates. They create events that their "building" has and address any issues or concerns that the other residents may have. It's a great structure and allows residents to have their voice heard, and make a change.

17. The Free Online Movies

When you live in South Village or North Lake, you are able to access the free online movies that FGCU has to offer. They update and add new ones every month. There are also TV shows on there! To access the website (only works if you live on campus ) press here.

18. Azul The Eagle

Azul is FGCU's mascot. You can find him at every event on campus. Azul is full of life and can be found dancing or pumping up the crowd.

19. The Bookstore

If you need anything, the bookstore will have it. They have a huge apparel section, as well as snacks, and school supplies.

20. The Job Opportunities

If you need a job you can check E-rez and see if there's anything fitting for you! I have friends who work all over campus, the campus is flexible and works around your schedule.

21. The Overall Aura

When you step on campus, the sun shines. Your whole mood just flips. The air is fresh, the birds are chirping, and people are swinging in their hammocks. FGCU just feels like a home. The campus is stunning and a positive place to be.

22. There Will Always Be Something To Do

There is always something to do at FGCU, the opportunities are endless. Every day there's campus rec classes, or student organized meetings. There's something for everyone here.

If you haven't toured FGCU, I challenge you to. Forget any ideas you had about the school before coming in, and see it for yourself. I can say that becoming a part of FGCU '22 was the best choice I have made. I couldn't see myself going to school anywhere else.

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The Tea On The 16th Annual OSCARs Award Results

Every year, the University of Washington, Tacoma branch hosts the Outstanding Student Ceremony for Awards and Recognition (OSCARs). This year, the results would cause not only applause, but soft murmurs of questions and irritation.


On Friday May 17 the University of Washington Tacoma held their 16th annual OSCARs award ceremony at the University YMCA at 7 p.m. and the room was filled with tables, great food and a wonderful stage. The purpose of the OSCARs is to celebrate the hard work of the students, staff and faculty that make up the University of Washington Tacoma campus. There are some categories where students are able to vote for who they think deserves the award, and there are others where the staff and faculty vote for who they think deserves the award. Nominations were accepted until April 12 at 12 p.m. and the students could vote between April 15 and April 30.

Throughout the ceremony there were cheers, laughter, hugs and pictures. But what most didn't notice were the soft murmurs humming between guests at various tables.

A few questions as the evening went on that arised from table to table were as followed;

"How many times have they gone up there?"

"Are there any new names on there? They all look the same."

"Is it just the same people over and over again?"

"Hasn't that person already won, like, three awards already?"

After attending and hearing the celebration, murmurs and noticing the names appearing on the screen becoming more and more familiar due to the repetition of the names presented, a pique of curiosity inspired some digging.

The following list were the categories provided on the OSCARs program.

OSCARs Program

A total of 29 categories had awards, recognition or certificates that were given to students only. Within some of these categories, but not all, were multiple sections of the award such as the Husky Volunteers Awards which had the Silver, Purple and Gold awards depending on the number of service hours. Within some of these categories multiple people received awards, certificates or recognition such as the ASUWT President's Award which was given to two different individuals.

In the OSCARs 29 categories there were 21 awards, one certificate and seven recognitions. Within the 29 categories there were 35 sections.

Of the 21 awards, they were given away to four groups and 76 individuals. In the certificate category, it was given to seven individuals and of the seven recognition categories 49 individuals and the graduating class of 2019 were recognized.

In total four groups received awards and 132 individuals received awards, certificates and recognition.

Of the 132 individuals that received awards, certificates and recognition 62 individuals received awards. seven received certificates, and 46 individuals received recognition.

However, the results can be broken down even further.

One individual received four awards and one recognition.

Two individuals received three awards each.

Three individuals received two awards and one recognition each.

Five individuals received two awards each.

Six individuals received one award and one recognition each.

Five people received one award and one certificate each.

One person received one award, one certificate and two recognitions.

One person received one award, one certificate and one recognition.

One person received one award and two recognitions.

Two people received two recognitions.

With that broken down, that means that out of the 132 individuals who received awards, recognition and certificates that only 38 individuals received just one award, nobody received just one certificate, and only 31 people received just one recognition.

To see the difference, 69 out of 132 students received one award or recognition and 27 out of 132 students received more than one award, recognition, certificate or some combination. Or about 52 percent of the individuals received one award or recognition and about 20 percent received more than one award, recognition, certificate or some combination.

While the decisions are final and carefully made, the ceremony was beautiful and overall a fun celebration of student and staff success. However, the repetitiveness of the nominees and individuals that had received a combination of multiple awards, recognitions and certificates had some audience members confused, baffled and irritated leaving them with questions rather than a sense of celebratory satisfaction.

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