What Joining Greek Life At URI Is Really Like
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Greek Rush

Don't Be A Skeptic, Join Greek Life At URI

Your not-so-typical "why you should rush" article.

girls in greek life
Gabby Rogers

To all the skeptics out there... Here are some reasons why you have to rush!

I promise you will find your best friends/sisters for life

Before school even started I knew I wanted to be a part of Greek Life, especially because it's so popular at URI. I persuaded my skeptical roommates to rush, we all enjoyed the process, and ended up in the same sorority! So far I have met the most amazing group of girls that I personally fit in with more than other sororities at my school. The second semester of my FRESHMAN (yes, freshman) year, I moved into my sorority house (as did my roommates) and roomed with my big.

My roommates and I weren't compatible to live together in a forced triple. It was uncomfortable to be in such a small space in the first place, but some people just can't live with each other and THAT'S OK! I met my girls (blonde) Courtney, (brunette) Courtney, Ashley, Kirsten, Franki, and Madison. Me and brunette Court were in the same rush lines, but I wasn't really friends with the rest of the girls in the beginning. Now I can't live without 'em! A few of us are living in the house this fall and we are going to FSU, lemme tell ya! Franki and I are rooming together and already have our bedding/decor/color scheme etc. all planned out. As you can see, we all found our place, and you'll find yours too!

You get to develop relationships with older girls and FIND YOUR BIG!

I'm a lucky-ass girl because even though my rooming situation didn't work out first semester when I moved into the house second semester I GOT TO ROOM WITH MY BIG! It was fun AF and I literally LOVE her (shoutout @alionell AKA Ali Schwyter AKA MR. 305 DALE). Yeahhh, she's pretty f*cking dope and the best big...no biggie. Now you'd think that living with 60 girls is a bit crayyy... it is, HAHA but so much fun nonetheless.

Me and my big at Big/Little reavealInstagram @gabbynrogers

It's really not stressful, it's EXCITING and SO WORTH IT!

Rush is about a week long, with fairly long hours (around 6pm-midnight on Friday and 10am-8pm on Saturday), but that's because you can't see all the houses in one day so it's split up. Also, there are breaks in between some houses for lunch and a WELL-NEEDED nap. There are three rounds, pref day, and bid day of course...literally my favorite f*cking day of the YEAR, I'm not even joking it's the best day ever. I'll link some pics below...our bid day theme was "Birthday Bash" and everyone looked so cute!

Bid Day after we found out what sorority we got!Instagram @gabbynrogers

You're going to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself and it's the best feeling to be able to say you are a sister of "_____" chapter

If you can't tell by the letters on our shirts in the picture above, we are all Sig Delts! I'm going to be writing another article on what it means to be a Sig Delt, but for now, I'll say that my first year alone has been so incredible! We do so much fundraising for our philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA). It feels so good to help children and families who are really in need.

If you're skeptical of rushing, don't be! There are so many amazing benefits to being in a sorority. You get to meet new people, you get to build relationships with girls and make memories together that you'll never forget, and you won't regret a second of it.

What you put into the experience/journey is what you are going to get out of it!

And if you're planning on attending URI...rush and you won't regret it, I PROMISE YOU! Trust the process.

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