5 Reasons For Running An E-Commerce Site

5 Reasons For Running An E-Commerce Site

As a business owner you understand the importance of catering to your customers wishes


As a business owner, you understand the importance of catering to your customer's wishes. By providing the products or services that your customers want you are creating happy customers that will eagerly purchase from you time and time again.

Have you thought about offering your customers a more convenient way to purchase your products or services? What I mean by this is have you looked at providing your customers with the opportunity to purchase online?

People love to shop online these days. It is convenient and can be done at any time of the day or night. This is a great business model to utilize if your business model allows for it.

So why should you consider offering an e-commerce solution via your website? The following top reasons should persuade you to at least consider this model.

1. A way to help increase your bottom line.

Allowing your customers to order or download products online will increase your revenue. This is especially true if your website is already popular. Adding a convenient option such as an online store allows you to showcase your most popular products. In addition, it is a great way to run special offers and discounts.

2. An online store provides your customers with convenience.

Your customers can order at any time and they don't have to travel to your store to do so. If your business is small and consists of smaller items an e-commerce store can dramatically reduce your costs versus the standard brick and mortar store.

3. Depending upon your products or services an online store allows you to broaden your reach.

You could potentially reach customers around the world. On top of this, you can make use of the popularity of social media and advertise your business there.

4. Setting up an e-commerce store is very easy and affordable.

Depending upon your needs you have various options from using a free plug-in such as Woo commerce or using something more detailed such as Infusionsoft.

5. This reason is huge and could almost be your tipping point.

An e-commerce store allows you to tap into the mobile market. Just take a look around you and see how many people carry some type of mobile device with them.

Overall adding an e-commerce store to your current business can help you increase your revenue and your profits. It will allow you to expand your market reach and provide you with a method of tapping into the mobile user market.

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For Dispatchers, First Responder Is More Than Just A Title

It is training, education, and mental health.


There has been a lot of talk with Congresswoman Torres out of California putting forth a bill that changes the classification of 9-1-1 dispatchers from clerical staff to first responders.

There are those who see it and say, why change it? It's not like they actually respond to the scene, therefore they cannot be first responders.

I can see the argument there, my husband is law enforcement and he is a first responder. He arrives on the scene of accidents and other things I don't want to see. Before he gets there, in most cases, a dispatcher has already talked to someone on the scene and has a full description of the problem. I have great respect for the responders on the road, but trying to get information on a distraught screaming person on the phone takes more talent than doing so in person.

Aside from what dispatchers deal with on a daily basis, the other thing is training. There is no nationwide or even statewide standard for dispatchers. Each agency is left to its own training since they are not recognized as anything other than clerical staff. It means that the 9-1-1 dispatcher that answers your emergency call may have anywhere from 1 day of training to 6 months of training. They may not have dealt with a suicidal caller until the first day out of training.

Education is important for dispatchers and sadly lacking. The reason why education and training are not done is because of funding. As a clerical staff, dispatchers do not fall under first responders and are not eligible for a number of grants and resources that are available to law enforcement.

The #Iam911 movement has been doing its best to get the word out about dispatchers and what it is they do. The Within The Trenches Facebook page has a plethora of stories that will break your heart if you are not prepared for them. These are just single events that dispatchers have had to deal with. When they hang up that call they start right back into another one.

The most important thing to realize is that dispatchers are not out to get first responder status for the discounts. It's not all about the name, even though recognition and appreciation would be nice. It the behind the scene benefits that matter the most. It is about having a standard across the nation and state for 9-1-1 operators and radio dispatchers. A secretary could do my job, with 6 months of training. That training is not required by anything other than the agencies preference in some states.

There are benefits of being labeled a first responder, this label helps them in areas that most people try not to think about. Stress management and PTSD are issues in a dispatch center. Dispatchers face high levels of emotional distress with the calls they take. A study showed that peritraumatic distress was high in dispatchers and showed up in an average of 32% of potentially traumatic calls.

Dispatchers are in dire need of resources that will get them training, stress management, and equipment that is needed. As a dispatcher, I want to talk to someone who knows what they are doing, who is trained and has the resources they need to carry out the job. First Responder status improves on what agencies are already doing.

If you have ever called 9-1-1 or ever intend to call 9-1-1, this should be at the forefront of your mind. When it comes to an emergency, it's not the time to say I wish I could have. Be prepared, help dispatchers prepare for when the emergency is yours.

The time is now to make a difference.

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Phoenix's Largest Electricity Provider Anticipates A Price Decrease For Customers

Yes, you read that right, a decrease.


Bills are never exciting to receive, and Salt River Project, Phoenix's largest supplier of power and water, knows that. In hopes of giving back to its customers, this not-for-profit company is proposing a lower billing price to its elected board of directors.

Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons

According to Salt River Project Media Manager Scott Harelson, SPR is planning a price decrease of 2.2 percent on the overall average annual amount. The plan was first created over a month ago, and if it's approved, the new utility prices will appear in the May 2019 billing cycle.

"We have been able to save a lot of money with our fuel expenses, and we pass those savings on directly to our customers," Harelson said, but how else is a not-for-profit company able to decrease prices? SPR's website has the answers:

"According to SRP General Manager and CEO Mike Hummel, SRP has been able to keep prices stable for the past four years through prudent operations and management, strategic resource acquisitions and taking advantage of market conditions that have allowed SRP to generate a greater share of energy using lower-cost natural gas."

SPR serves more than 1 million customers, and customer growth will continue to benefit prices and plan options. You can find more details on this good news on SRP's website.

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