To My Roommates, Thanks For Ruining The End Of My Freshman Year You're The Best

To My Roommates, Thanks For Ruining The End Of My Freshman Year You're The Best

Sorry but, I was not the problem in this situation.

On the final day of living in my freshman year dorm last week, my roommate spent the entire night packing. I'm not kidding. From eight at night until five in the morning when she left for her flight, she noisily filled her suitcase, made boxes, and cleaned her entire side of the room. All in complete darkness, mind you.

You might be thinking, why not just tell her off and say, "Hey it's finals week and, um, some of us are trying to sleep?" Well, my answer to that would be because it's what she's been doing the entire year, so why would the last night be any different?

It was fine in the beginning. Of course, on move-in day you have your parents around to help you with the awkward small talk. Then, you go down to breakfast together the next day and attempt to learn more about each other.

However, after the first month or so that friendliness quickly wore off. We each took our studies pretty seriously, and never had free time in our schedules to all do something together. I was okay with this, since I knew it wasn't always a big deal to not be best friends forever with your roommates (I even wrote about that in another article.)

The biggest problem I had was when one of my roommates would come in every. single. night. around midnight or later. She would be gone all day long, and I have no idea where she went. No one can possibly study for fourteen hours straight, right?

Every time she would come in to our dorm, everyone's lights would be off (duh, we're sleeping like normal humans) yet she would just make as much noise as she wanted and leave lights on as she brushed her teeth or just paced around the room doing nothing.

I just brushed this off because I could easily fall back asleep after, and truthfully I was kinda glad she wasn't in the room during the day, so I let it be.

Now, you might be thinking, "That's pretty disrespectful," right? And I agree, but turns out I was being the disrespectful one the entire time! I know, plot twist. The person who's lived in an apartment her entire life, and knows what it's like to live in the same quarters as someone else, is actually the one who doesn't know how to live with other people. Crazy.

In April, I was completely blindsided by all three of my roommates. My RA had to have a meeting with me, asking me about my "rude gestures" toward my roommates, which I had absolutely no idea about. I was accused of slamming things constantly and my roommates went to our RA, out of "concern."

But, clearly they weren't concerned enough to actually come up and talk to me about the problems they had. They just painted me out to be the bad guy, maybe because I was an easy target. I kept to myself and didn't get involved in anyone else's business.

After the meeting with my RA, I cried all night and had the worse migraine. I hate when people view me as someone that I'm not, and I am definitely not the bad roommate in this situation. I was actually quiet at night and always made sure our bathroom had toilet paper, soap, a clean garbage. I guess that wasn't enough.

So, to my freshman year roommates, a couple of final words:

1. Thanks for making my dorm such an awkward environment that I didn't even want to be there.

2. Thanks for making absolutely no effort to solve the "problems" that we supposedly had, and just tattled straight to our RA.

3. And finally, thanks for making the final stretch of my freshman year one of the most dreadful times of my life.

You're the best! :) (Not really.)

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To The Teacher Who Was So Much More

Thank you for everything

I think it's fair to say that most people remember at least one teacher who had a lasting impact on them. I have been incredibly lucky to have several teachers who I will never forget, but one individual takes the cake. So here's to you: thank you for all you have done.

Thank you for teaching me lessons not just in the textbook.

Although you taught a great lecture, class was never just limited to the contents of the course. Debates and somewhat heated conversations would arise between classmates over politics and course material, and you always encouraged open discussion. You embraced the idea of always having an opinion, and always making it be heard, because why waste your voice? You taught me to fight for things I believed in, and to hold my ground in an argument. You taught me to always think of others before doing and speaking. You showed me the power of kindness. Thank you for all the important lessons that may not have been included in the curriculum.

Thank you for believing in me.

Especially in my senior year, you believed in me when other teachers didn't. You showed me just what I could accomplish with a positive and strong attitude. Your unwavering support kept me going, especially when I melted into a puddle of tears weekly in your office. You listened to my stupid complaints, understood my overwhelming stress-induced breakdowns, and told me it was going to be okay. Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you for inspiring me.

You are the epitome of a role model. Not only are you intelligent and respected, but you have a heart of gold and emit beautiful light where ever you go. You showed me that service to others should not be looked at as a chore, but something to enjoy and find yourself in. And I have found myself in giving back to people, thanks to your spark. Thank you for showing me, and so many students, just how incredible one person can be.

Thank you for changing my life.

Without you, I truly would not be where I am today. As cliche as it sounds, you had such a remarkable impact on me and my outlook on life. Just about a year has passed since my graduation, and I'm grateful to still keep in touch. I hope you understand the impact you have made on me, and on so many other students. You are amazing, and I thank you for all you have done.

Cover Image Credit: Amy Aroune

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It's The Most Wonderful Time For  College Students

Let's get this bread.


It's a new semester, and time to get it together. Especially if you had an okay or horrible semester for fall, whether something personal or grade-wise, it's a new start, with new classes and professors and a clean slate. So, as the people say, let's get this bread.

Spring semester, easily a little better than fall semester because we are all one step closer to summer break and some are one step closer to graduating and being released into the real world. *Que tears for all our senior friends leaving us* But probably for most, if not all, spring semester is what we need.

After a crazy fall semester, I know I needed a fresh start especially since some of my classes made me want to break down in tears every day during the fall (at my math class). With the start of a new semester and no math class for me to spend a lot of my attention on, I am hoping for a less stressful semester where I can focus evenly on each class without stressing myself out too much.

Math is one of those subjects where I have to put tons of focus and energy on it but I felt as if I have never struggled as much as I did last semester. Honestly, yes, I believe that in a lot of cases how you perform in a class is due to how you handle it individually, but in some cases, it can also be how the professor teaches it. And boy, did my math professor teaching style clash with how I learn.

BUT, with math now behind me, hopefully, spring semester will sort of just be a little bit of a breather and I can enjoy it more than I did in the fall. And I know I am not the only college student who has a struggle like I did, it's part of life and all we can do is our best.

Spring semester can be a new, clean slate for all us.

One thing I love about starting a new semester is how I can take the bad habits I had last semester, and improve them over the course of spring. I always try to improve my learning and study habits from previous semesters to continue helping me grow.

Spring is all about new and fresh beginnings, and the start of a new semester can give us hope from bad, past semesters. And sometimes what causes a bad semester isn't even our performances in the class. Sometimes, life comes at you and knocks you off your feet. Sometimes, it's more personal rather than class.

What happens on in our personal lives outside of college definitely can take a toll on our overall health. I know students who have lost family members, or just had a difficult time readjusting back to college life, or just were in a funk struggle to land on their feet throughout the semester, and I get that. I have my bad days too.

With a new semester on the horizon, we can all take a breather and work towards a less stressful and more wonderful spring semester to enjoy.

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