During winter break, you hear a lot of the same questions on a continual loop from your family and friends.

"What are you studying?"

"What do you want to do with that major?"

"How's your roommate?"

For many, the answer to that last question is something simple like "She's fine" or "She's become my best friend." But how does someone answer that question when they barely know who their roommate is?

Throughout the entire fall semester, I probably only exchanged a hundred words or less with my roommate. She was never in the room, came back every night at midnight or later and, honestly, gave off the impression that she didn't even like me.

Move-in day, I was filled with both hope and anxiety. Being an only child, I had never lived with someone else before. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would we get along? Would we listen to the same music? Would one of us end up moving out by the time exams rolled around?

The first week of the semester brought those awkward yet friendly social interactions that are inevitable when meeting a stranger. It was hard to get an idea of who my roommate really was. Like me, she was very closed off and obviously wasn't opening up to me anytime soon. I was perfectly fine with this, since I'm the exact same way.

However, it became clear to me quickly enough that my roommate had no interest in becoming friends, unfortunately. Since I had no prior experience with living with someone else, I wasn't sure how to feel about this realization. Before starting college, I had these false ideals about living with a roommate from those super cheesy kids shows like "Zoey 101." I just naively assumed that whoever I ended up living with would become my best friend.

And even though that's not the case this year, I'm okay with that. It's not the end of the world to not get along perfectly with your roommate. Really, you're only sleeping in the same room together. It's not a requirement to automatically become best friends with your roommate, so don't feel obligated to!

Even though I was sorta bummed last semester about not developing a better relationship with my roommate, I am still looking forward to this semester. My main focus will not be on my roommate this year. Instead, I'll be working toward my own independent goals and ambitions, which is really the only true reason behind going to school.

So, I encourage other people who still haven't connected with their roommate to join me in letting it go. At this point, it's not worth it to force a friendship. You can successfully live with someone and not be their best friend in the whole world.