Rooming With Your Best Friends
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Rooming With Your Best Friends

10/10 highly recommend.

Rooming With Your Best Friends
Oye Olubowale

I've been told, on numerous occasions, that rooming with your best friends is a terrible idea. People who believe in this absolutely ludicrous idea told me that it 'ruins friendships' and leads to resentment and 'grudges but honestly, they're all so wrong.

Rooming with your best friends has been one of my finest decisions, and yes, I know we're only about three weeks into it, but I have a feeling that I'll keep up this positive mentality because it just makes sense!

Think about it, okay? When you room with your best friends, it's like hanging out all the time. You don't have to set aside time in your busy life schedule to create time for people; they're just always there! Even sitting and doing homework together is so much better because you have them around you. Impending loneliness is honestly cut out when you room with friends because, for better or worse, they're always there to keep you company and drag you out of bed a 9 AM on a Saturday to go to yoga.

It's also a great idea, and I believe this is what the friend/roommate haters get wrong, because when you're friends with someone and they do something you don't like, you're just going to be real with them! There's no stepping around trying not to hurt someone's feeling, it's just truth, honesty, and no hard feelings! It's actually better to room with friends because you can say whatever you want due to the established unbreakable bond and understanding and respect that will survive even when you sometimes forget to clean your dishes.

Rooming with friends allows you to take necessary stress breaks from life and school. One second you can be crying in your room listening to your 'sadgirl' playlist, and your roommate/best friend will barge in, get you out of bed, blast their 'happygirl' playlist and have a dance party right in your kitchen and then BOOM! You're ready to get back to work.

Having friends there with you to learn your routines, help you through the toughest times, let you borrow their Oregano when your pasta turns out absolutely horrendous and always keep a positive and loving environment is key to a successful college life more so than if you were living with strangers or by yourself not having constant good vibes floating around you. Not that I'm discrediting living alone because to each their own, but I am discrediting the belief that living with friends always ends in disaster.

Although it can be sometimes distracting to do homework when one roommate wants to just hang out and vice versa, you're able to work through issues and create a safe work/living space for all parties involved, which I think is pretty special.

From weekly meal prep to early morning coffee making; from writing little notes when you start an exciting new job to Sunday Framily (friend/family) dinners, rooming with friends creates a healthy and loving environment 24/7, which is why I will continue to rebuttal what people say and highly recommend giving your Best Friends a doubling role as Roommates.

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