'You' Should Not Be Rooting For Joe
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'You' Should Not Be Rooting For Joe

**Spoilers ahead!**

'You' Should Not Be Rooting For Joe

I watched all of Netflix's "You" in one day. I'm not sure what was more disturbing... the fact that I did not leave the couch for the entire day or the chilling idea that I was actually hoping things worked out for Joe.

For those of you who have finished the series, you know that Penn Badgley's character is completely out of his mind. He is a stalker, psycho, and whole slew of other terrible things. So clearly, I should not have been hoping that things would pan out for him.

We come to find out that Joe experienced quite a bit of trauma in his younger years and those experiences had seemed to translate into his infatuation with Elizabeth Lail's character, Beck.

On the surface, Joe appears to be very nice and even saves Beck's life at one point. What Beck is initially unaware of is that the man she is falling for is nothing short of dangerous. In the end, multiple lives are taken at Joe's hand, one of them being Beck's.

So even though we all know Joe is technically a serial killer at this point, why on earth are young people coming to his character's defense and romanticizing this role?

I understand that this is a show and it is made to entertain, but it's apparent that not everyone can separate the ideas displayed on the screen from what they should desire in their own relationships.

I can tell you right now... we should not be accepting behaviors that are unacceptable in our relationships. If a person is looking to take too much control over your life or doesn't have an understanding of boundaries, you may want to reconsider being involved with them.

A bit of advice who to those sharing their love of Joe on Twitter- love is not being stalked, love is not murder, and love is certainly not evil, overbearing boyfriend.

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