10 Times Rogelio De La Vega Was Actually Just a Drunk College Girl

"Jane the Virgin" is a brilliant show. It has humor, heart, and a lovable cast. As I binged it, I couldn't help but notice that Rogelio is really just a drunk college girl at heart.

1. When you are ready to go and already pre-gamed but everyone is taking longer.

2. When you finally get out and hit the dance floor.

3. When you realize you might have gone a little too far.

4. When your friends tell you-you're too drunk.

5. So you head to the bathroom and everyone you meet is your new best friend.

6. And spill out encouragement that you learned from a Ted talk you watched three years ago.

7. And truly say way too much that is super strange to say to someone you don't know.

8. Having very dramatic mood swings and suddenly you're best friend is your greatest betrayer.

9. After 0.5 minutes since you've been there, you're suddenly starving and want to go home.

10. But after a long night, you still have everyone's back.

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