13 WTF Things About Rocky Horror

13 WTF Things About Rocky Horror

Happy Halloween! Let's all take a minute to look through our favorite bizarre movie.


Who doesn't love the cult classic film Rocky Horror? Take a look at some of the things that I find the weirdest about this movie. Weirdest thing of it all? I got inspo for this article at an 8 p.m. showing for this movie. Did you catch that? I said 8 p.m. and not midnight. I know, I was shook too.

1.  Why are Dr. FrankNFurter, Magenta, Columbia, and Riff-Raff at the wedding?


If you watch closely after you've seen the movie once or twice, or you are more observant than myself, you will see that they are featured in the picture post-wedding and also inside later setting up for a funeral. Why are they working at a church or are they just people that replaced extras that they couldn't afford? Huh? I'm so confused.

2.  Riff-Raff


If you walk up to an old ass mansion in the night and this weird balding dude with a SUPER deep V and 'blood' (?) on his shirt why would you not find and excuse and leave? Because I would be outtie so fast.

3.  Why is Magenta bent so weirdly on the steps?


If you've seen the movie a few times you might start to notice Magenta on the stairs when Brad and Janet first walk in. Shes bent over in a weird, unnatural position that just makes me ask 'why' every time.

4.  The Criminologist


When he starts telling the story of Brad and Janet, he pulls out a book called "The Denton Affair" so that means someone was there to take pictures and document the whole thing. He just adds confusion to the whole things because what is hi9s importance really besides maybe, MAYBE teaching us the time warp.

5.  Eddie and the Freezer


One thing that always gets me is the freezer. A. How is Eddie awake and ready to ride after being in the freezer for however long? B. How does that motorcycle work after being in there so long? C. Why did the freezer unfreeze right when Frank was by it?

6.  Eddie again...


I am still not entirely sure why he is dead. In the beginning it says that in the credits that he was an ex-delivery boy but I don't know why Frank killed him because if it was just because he was human then he should have offed Janet and Brad but he didn't nor did he seem like he was going to.

7.  Brad and the Hair


This might be a small detail but it gets me every time. When Frank comes in and lays on Brad and pretends to be Janet, Brad starts to 'pet' his hair but then the wig comes off. If you look, you can see that he is like almost ripping out the hair if it really were Janet because how hard would you have to pet to get that wig off??? Janet find you a softer man.

8.  Bed then Dinner


Why were they sent to bed then once again gathered for dinner? It also seems like Janet and Brad were invited to dinner because they made it out of their rooms and it was a courtesy.

9.  Eddie Again Again


Did you see the way he looked under that table?!? How did that even pass as a dead body?? And also he did they get that huge ham like ?piece of meat because when you see the body under the table it just looks like he was just cut open. No meat missing.

10.  Why is Rocky not wet?


Skipping back a bit, when Rocky is first shown, he is in a tank of liquid and then eventually when he is 'born' he comes out 100% dry. This was a point that was brought to my attention via my boyfriend.

11.  The Victorian People


We know that towards the end of the movie when Frank is singing, we see the invisible audience that he is singing to and it is filled with people dressed up almost like Victoria era and I just want to know why it was Victorian and not replicas of the guests that were there earlier.

12.  Columbia


Why did Columbia have to die? Despite her screaming, I really liked her so I don't get why she died. She didn't really do anything and it also just seems like she died because Riff-Raff is super unstable at the moment and just lost it when she screamed. Lets be honest with ourselves though. The amount of time that they had lived together you would have thought that he recognizes her scream and just ignore it but no. RIP my sparkly queen.

13.  kl-=Why did they have to take the house?


Not gonna lie, that is super bizarre to me. It had to have been there before but even so, why couldn't they leave it because like Brad said, it looked like a hunting lodge for rich weirdos.

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The 11 Most Meaningful 'Dear Evan Hansen' Quotes

Eleven of my favorite quotes from the new musical "Dear Evan Hansen" that changed my perspective after seeing the musical live.

The new musical Dear Evan Hansen, showing on Broadway's Music Box Theater is a suprisingly uplifting story about a boy who kills himself, and the star of the show (Evan Hansen played by Ben Platt) getting caught up in a messy lie, pretending to be best friends with the boy who took his life.

The story, however, is much more than one of sadness or suicide. It is one of love, the unconditional kind and the kind that you find yourself falling into. It is a story of friendship and forgiveness and owning up to your mistakes. But most importantly it is a story of accepting yourself and becoming confident in your own skin.

I was given the opportunity to see Dear Evan Hansen live on Broadway, and after hearing the songs live, the lyrics gave me a whole new meaning than when I would listen to them in my room through my headphones.

1. "I've learned to slam on the break, before I even turn the key."

Coming from the first song that was released off of the soundtrack "Waving Through a Window," this line helps charactarize Evan as anxious and nervous during interactions with others. Hitting the brake while starting a car is not necessary for it to start, but he creates this metaphor by saying he takes extra and unnecessary cautions before entering any seemingly simple and easy situation. As Evan is characterized, the audience or the listeners are able to connect better to him and to the story because more people than we may know must go through anxious thoughts and actions, that can be very difficult to live with.

2. "No one should stick it out or have any doubt that it matters that they are here."

"Dissappear," a song sung by Evan and his two friends as a proposal to Connor's (boy who committed suicide and was presumably best friends with Evan) parents about a project they are beginning to keep Connor's legacy alive, is a straightforward remark that "no one deserves to dissappear." This quote recognizes the struggles that many people face of hiding their struggles and not doing anything to fix them because they think it would be easier to hide it. It recognizes that people should not have to do this, and it is a request for people who are going through the things that Connor did to reach out and tell people that they are struggling, because it really does get better and asking for help is the first step.

3. "It takes a little patience, takes a little time. A little perseverance and a little uphill climb."

I believe this quote can relate to many things. It is a duet sung by Connor's father and Evan, titled "To Break in A Glove." Though it is literally talking about the correct way to break in a baseball glove, it can also be talking about parenting, school, or recovery from depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorders that can be consuming. Connor's dad was not anything of a prime parent to Connor, and this quote can mean that parenting a kid to your full potential takes patience and time. School, another big struggle in Evan's life as well as Connor's, takes patience but as does the most consuming and memorable aspect that the musical is addressing: overcoming depression and anxiety so that it does not consume you and lead to the decision that Connor ended up making. Though it may seem like a neverending cycle of depressing thoughts, to overcome them it takes patience and perseverance, much like any other accomplishment.

4. "Even when the dark comes crashing through, and when you need a friend to carry you, when you're broken on the ground you will be found."

From what is most definitely my favorite song from the soundtrack, "You Will Be Found" addresses the fact that so many people feel alone and feel as though Connor did. This line shows that even though you may feel alone and you may be at your darkest, deepest point, there will always be help and support and someone to care for you. You are not alone.

5. "I'd rather pretend I'm something better than these broken parts, pretend I'm something other than this mess that I am."

The line from "Words Fail" shows Evan at his most vulnerable. It shows the side of him that he wishes no one to witness because it is his worst side. I find this song to be the most emotional, and most importantly because the lyrics can be related to so well. With depression and anxiety, people can act out and do things as they see fit to make themselves feel better, which is partly what Evan did, pretending to be Connor's friend. This quote shows the reasons behind those actions, helping people in the same position feel relieved for the things that they think are going wrong only for them.

6. "When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around do you evern really crash or even make a sound?"

This line is another from "Waving Through a Window" and ties to Evan's anxiety as well. It shows the slow deterioration of one's mind, and how no one even notices when someone is going through things like that, hence the metaphor to the tree falling in a forest and no one hearing it because no one is there. It is making a notion to the fact, also, that people are so afraid to discuss the issues of suicide and depression and anxiety, and that it is a problem especially among youth.

7. "Why should I play the grieving girl and lie saying that I miss you and that my world has gone dark without your light?"

This line from "Requiem," sung by Connor's sister and parents, is a different perspective of what happened to Connor, a more cynical perspective. While it may seem insensitive, I enjoy that Zoe (Connor's sister) stands her ground with her relationship with her brother and remains indifferent, instead of lying about loving him just because she isn't able to anymore.

8. "If I could tell her how she's everything to me, but we're a million worlds apart and I don't know how I would even start."

Although this is about how Evan feels about Zoe - not Connor - it shows how crippling it can be to wish you could be able to tell someone something, especially about your mental disablities, but you feel like you can't because you aren't close enough or don't know where to begin.

9. "So you got what you always wanted, so you got your dream come true, good for you."

This song is a turning point in the musical where Evan's actions begin to creep back up on him. It shows that even though you get what you wish for, it isni't always perfect all together. This line shows also that what you first think you want isn't always going to lead to the perfect life or the perfect girl or the perfect family, and you must not face your struggles with lies as Evan did.

10. "Your mom isn't going anywhere your mom is staying right here no matter what, I'll be here."

This comes from the song "So Big/So Small," when Evan apoligizes to his mother about abandoning her essentially for Connor's parents and she confesses to the hardships she has faced as a single mother who doesn't make much money. This is one of my favorite quotes, because it displays unconditional love from your family, and shows that no matter what it is you go through and no matter how much loathe you may feel for yourself, your family loves you and supports you.

11. "Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a great day and here's why: because today at least you're you and, well, that's enough."

These opening words to the finale close up the message of the show: that you are enough, no matter what anyone tells you and no matter what you begin to tell yourself. Making mistakes is human, as is having depression or anxiety, and just because you make mistakes or you have depressed thoughts does not mean that you are any less of a person than someone who doesn't feel the same as you. This musical and this line taught me that no matter what, you are wanted, you are needed, and you are worth it no matter what you do or what you go through.

Cover Image Credit: Dear Evan Hansen Official Website

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Expanding My Collection Of Playbills

Perks of living in the city: Broadway!


Most people are aware of the endless opportunities that are available in New York City. I, however, underestimated how much these opportunities would present themselves to me while living in the city that never sleeps. Having now lived here for four semesters, I can easily say that there has never been a moment where my friends and I didn't know what to do on the weekend. This past week, for example, I had the opportunity of attending three different Broadway shows, thanks to winning ticket lotteries and receiving generous student discounts.

As part of a class assignment, my English professor encouraged our class to attend "King Lear" on Broadway. Shakespeare wouldn't necessarily be my first choice of entertainment to attend on a Friday night, but after reading, analyzing, and writing multiple drafts of a paper on the play, I was slightly more intrigued to witness the production first hand. My professor was also engrossed by the fact that King Lear was being played by a woman (the remarkable Glenda Jackson), which was not surprising because the title of our class is (In)Equality. Glenda Jackson portrayed the mentally ill and depressed King exceptionally well, leaving most of the audience in awe at her convincing and heart-aching performance.

Only a few days after seeing King Lear at the aesthetically pleasing Cort Theatre, my friend Emma (shoutout Emma!!!) very generously asked me to attend "Frozen" on Broadway with her. Emma, an avid Broadway goer, enters herself religiously into the Broadway ticket lottery and just happens to have the greatest luck of all of my friends ("Frozen" was the 5th show she had seen that month). I truly felt like a child while watching the performance, as Elsa's "magic" was so realistic that I felt an awe-struck smile light up my face that was similarly visible on the little girl sitting next to me, who was dressed head to toe in Elsa apparel.

Finally, the following Friday rolled around, and I had the pleasure of seeing "The Prom" on Broadway with my roommate. A new comedic musical, "The Prom" kept the audience laughing and dancing in their seats as they unveiled a potentially controversial plot in a light-hearted manner.

As my list of attended plays and musicals expands, I feel more in touch with the theatre culture of New York City, and I have recognized how impactful live performances can be. I always leave the theatre with an elated feeling, reflecting on how dedicated and talented each actor/actress is at what can only be assumed is their dream job. I feel grateful that I get to spend my weekends applauding some of the greatest performers and sharing these experiences with people I love. #cheesy!!!!!

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