Two of the most iconic superheroes out there are known by the names of Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder. However, not a lot of people know that the name 'Robin,' really is just a mantle, and that there's more than just one Robin.

That's right! There's been more than one person who's taken over the Boy Wonder's mantle; not including other versions (like Carrie Kelly) of the Boy Wonder we've had a total of five, including Stephanie Brown (who later took on the mantle of another well loved Bat Family Hero).

Each Robin has had their own personal struggle or tragedy that has defined their own reign as Robin. Some of them have lost family members, while others have simply done it to better themselves. Either way, each Robin has taken a special place in the Dark Knights heart, as well as a spot in the Bat Family as well.

Get ready y'all this is going to be one bumpy ride.

1. Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson was born into a circus acrobat's family known as "The Flying Graysons," where they would do various trapeze stunts without the safety of a net. After Mob Boss Tony Zucco murdered Dick's parents by rigging their performance wires, Bruce Wayne, Batman himself, took Dick Grayson in as his sidekick, eventually becoming the very first Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Howver, after years of holding the mantle, Dick eventually left Batman and became the leader of the Teen Titans, only to later on, leave the Robin mantle entirely to become Nightwing.

With Dick Grayson gone, Bruce Wayne felt his heart rip into two; seeing as he now saw Dick as his son. Feeling lonely, the Dark Knight eventually took on Jason Todd, who would later become the Second Robin.

2. Jason Todd

While attempting to steal the tires of the Batmobile, Jason Todd was caught by none other than Batman himself, but instead of chenneling rage, the Dark Knight placed Jason Todd into a reformatory school for troubled teens; hoping that Jason would learn to leave his life of crime. However, shortly after this happens, Jason Todd proceeds to help Batman apprehend a gang of thieves, earning him the mantle of Robin.

Although Robin the Boy Wonder was a very popular and famous character, Jason Todd unfortunately wasn't received well by many fans. DC later on held a survey to determine if Jason Todd would later on die at the hands of the Jokers, and unfortunately, many fans voted for his death.

In "A Death in the Family," Jason Todd was murdered at the hands of the Joker by first beating him senseless with a crowbar, only to leave him with a time bomb, ultimately ending his life. Batman raced to the rescue, but unfortunately, he was too late to save Jason Todd. (This is a super emotional issue, I highly recommend reading it.)

Years later however, it is known that Jason Todd, via the Lazarus Pit, had actually been resurrected and had taken on the mantle as the Red Hood.

3. Tim Drake

Tim Drake's character and succession into Robin is heavily intertwined with Dick Graysons, so please bear with this storyline. Being a little older than a toddler, Tim Drake was a major circus fanatic.

He deeply enjoyed the Flying Graysons show and asked to take a picture with them prior to their performance; which would later result in their death. (remember it was Tony Zucco who rigged their wires) It was there that Tim met Dick Grayson.

After the death of Dick Grayson's parents, Tim witnessed the Batman talking to Dick. A few years later when Tim was nine years old, Tim saw footage of the now amazing duo Batman and Robin, and upon seeing Robin perform a quadruple somersault, a difficult that only a Flying Grayson could do; Tim Drake determined the identity of not only Robin himself, but Batman as well.

Soon after Dick Grayson left to take over the mantle of Nightwing and Jason Todd's death, Tim Drake noticed Batman's change in character. Usually the Dark Knight was very strict with his moral code; but upon Batman breaking his most sacred rule: do not kill, Tim Drake decided to step up.

Attempting to fuse the deeper hole that was etched in Batman's heart, Tim Drake became the new Robin, despite Batman's disapproval.

4. Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown, also known a the Fourth Robin is the daughter of Cluemaster, one of Gotham's third rate villains. Upon finding out that her father was returning to crime instead of rehabilitating himself like he had promised Stephanie, she took on the mantle of Spoiler; an anti-hero that continued to leave clues for Batman and the Police to capture the Cluemaster.

Becoming close to Tim Drake, Stephanie and him flirted endlessly and eventually, the pair ended updating on and off for a while.

Eventually, Tim Drake had to have a leave of absence after his father found out about his double life as a hero, after that Stephanie was quick to approach Batman into training her to be the new Robin.

Reluctantly, the Dark Knight accepted, however, after disobeying him on two separate missions, Batman stripped Stephanie of her mantle after stating that he could "not trust her on the field."

5. Damian Wayne

Last but not least, we have our fifth and current Robin, Damian Wayne, son to the Dark Knight himself and son of Talia al Ghul. (who you may recognize as daughter of the great Ra's al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins.)

Grown in an artificial womb Damian Wayne was raised by non other than Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins until the age of ten, when Talia dropped Damian off with his father (who had no existence that Damian was even alive) to take care of him.

Violent, Preconcious and Spoiled, Damian fought the at the time Robin, Tim Drake, for the mantle, however Batman, not amused by this, grounds Damien.

Damien Wayne held the mantle of Robin whenever Bruce Wayne was considered dead, and Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, took over the Batman mantle; giving Damian Wayne, the chance to be the new Boy Wonder.