‘Riverdale’ Provides Notable Character Development In Season 2

‘Riverdale’ Provides Notable Character Development In Season 2

From Dark Betty to Dark Archie, and of course, Jughead's transformation.

Anyone who watches The CW series Riverdale knows that this isn’t your regular high school soap opera. It involves a lot of action, deceit, mystery, battling gangs, serial killers, incest and so much more. If you aren’t already caught up, be prepared for spoilers.

The series follows girl-next-door, Betty Cooper, with her secret in the beginning which becomes a not-so-secret love for her best friend, Archie Andrews. In the very first episode, Betty and Archie are sitting at their favorite diner “Pops” (their go-to hangout spot). Betty reveals that she sees them as a couple, but he doesn’t feel the same.

The story turns from innocent unrequited puppy love to a murder mystery when everyone finds out that Betty’s sister’s boyfriend, Jason Blossom, has been killed on the Fourth of July. Betty decides to interfere with the investigation, along with the help of Archie’s best friend Jughead. While slowly piecing together what happened and searching for the murderer, Jughead and Betty fall in love and get together. The question that everyone watching is always asking is: does Betty still have feelings for Archie?

As the murder is finally solved at the end of season one, the show dives into a new mystery. Archie’s dad gets shot in the season one finale by (presumably) a man. He later refers to himself as the Black Hood, who goes on a rampage, killing people. Jughead and Betty, along with Archie and his girlfriend/Betty’s best friend, Veronica, all get involved.

As you keep watching, you see all of the characters evolve. Betty goes from being this innocent girl to an investigator and manipulator who will get whatever she wants from someone. When Jughead’s dad was arrested for crimes he didn’t commit, she forced another main character, Cheryl Blossom, to lie under oath. She threatened to release the video of Cheryl's dad killing her brother if she didn’t lie. Also, throughout the show, you tend to see sides of “Dark Betty” that come out when she is passionate about something.

Way back in the first season, there was a guy with a very bad attitude who was taking advantage of some of the other girls. Betty almost drowned him, while wearing a black wig and compromising attire and stepping on his head with her heel. This is how the viewers initially became shocked and found out that this isn’t going to be a story with the “good girl gone bad.” It is a result of trauma and the theory is she probably has some type of mental disorder. No one has solved the mystery that is Betty quite just yet.

Another character you’ve seen evolve is Jughead. He went from this emotionless, dark writer, to an investigator who fell in love. We saw a softer side to him. In the most recent episode, he told Betty that breaking up with him was the “one thing that could hurt him.” Jughead also said he would never become a member of the Serpents (a gang his dad was involved with), but after his dad was sent to jail he became one to fit in. His character is very complex; he has a big heart and will do anything for his friends, but he is also tough and can handle a beating.

All of the characters evolved, but one last one worth mentioning is Archie himself. He was this football player/musician/ladies' man in the first season, and that was all he cared about. Once his dad got shot, he was traumatized. He formed a group he called the “Red Circle” that promised to go after the Black Hood. He also stayed up every night by his front door with a bat. He even bought himself a gun. Archie went from this sweet person to destructive, scared, and vengeful.

Who knows where these characters will be in the next seasons? Regardless, I’m excited! Character development is very important for a show to grow and keep its viewers. It seems to be doing a great job!

Cover Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube

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Byrd is the word

Instead of being looked at as a backup OF scrub, he was looked at as a star player of the Giants for a long period of time.


On August 20th, 2017 the San Francisco Giants made a wise trade with the Cincinnati Reds, acquiring Marlon Byrd for Double-A pitcher Stephen Johnson. This season with the Reds, Byrd had a .237 BA with 19 HR's and 42 RBI's. San Francisco will be home to the left fielder after playing for 9 teams in 14 seasons. With outfield injuries in the Giants clubhouse piling up; Nori Aoki with a concussion and broken foot (recently recovered), Angel Pagan with his knee and Hunter Pence with his oblique, Byrd could not have made his debut as a Giant at a better time.

Giants' manager Bruce Bochy had him starting in left, moving Nori Aoki to right. In just 9 games for San Francisco, Byrd is 10-36 with 5 runs, 4 extra base hits, 3 homeruns including a grand slam, and 14 RBI's. Based on the 96 games he played with Cincinnati, he is averaging a 1/3 increase in homeruns and double his amount of RBI's in his first 9 games with the Giants. In fact, on his 38th birthday on August 30th, he recorded 3 extra base hits and 4 RBI's.

Teammate Matt Duffy shares, "He's definitely been big, he kept us in the ballgame today and gave us a chance to win. It's nice to have another bat like that, another veteran bat." (Oliver Macklin, MLB.com). Byrd's success resembles that of Justin Maxwell's not too long ago. At the beginning of the 2018 season Maxwell replaced Pence while he was on the disabled list, shining on both sides of the ball. "[He] was the hero, and then he was the hero again." (Grant Brisbee: mccoveychronicles.com). He played like he was trying to get drafted (and essentially he was trying to get drafted for a starting position) every time Bochy gave him the opportunity to fill Pence's shoes.

Instead of being looked at as a backup OF scrub, he was looked at as a star player of the Giants for a long period of time. Proving himself to the coaching staff, teammates, and especially fans, he was starting to be seen more regularly. Hunter Pence returned and he was surely not going to be replaced, however Maxwell still performs at the highest level and to the best of his abilities when he is given the chance to. That same spark that made Maxwell so successful and likeable is seen in Marlon Byrd. His persistence to better himself and the team as a whole does not go unnoticed.

Players like this only come around so often and it is undeniably obvious that the Giants are honored to have him as a part of their club. A veteran to major league baseball, but a rookie to the Giants, Byrd is respectively earning the love of his peers and fans.

Cover Image Credit:

San Francisco Examiner

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