All Riverdale fans had no idea what the newest episode was going to bring, but we didn't think it was going to be THAT. If you watched the season 2 premiere, you probably can relate to these reactions.

1. When Archie brings his dad into the hospital

 reaction sad mrw crying drinking GIF

Between Fred being shot and Archie covered in his blood, emotions were all over the place.


 feels feelings emotions feel better GIF

3. When Archie cries in Veronica's arms

  sad crying tears blackish GIF We were crying with him.

4. When Cheryl gives Archie's dad a kiss on the forehead

It's a no from me.

5. When Fred wakes up

 crying pregnant fist pump americas next top model period GIF

Happy tears over here.

6. When Jughead opened the door to the Serpents in the trailer

It's another no from me. Stay on your side of the tracks.

7. When Grundy first came on the screen

I was NOT for it...

8. But then Grundy was unexpectedly murdered

I was not prepared for this one...

This one is pretty accurate too...

Lili Reinhart shook betty cooper lili reinhart 100 percent shook GIF

Until the next episode!