You feels dang good to be here today and feel like I am in the right place and it is the right time. After a bit of a struggling period, I have clear skies. I have spent a lot of time in college praying for answers. I wondered what more I could do to benefit my future, trying to constantly figure out who I was going to become and wondered if I was surrounding myself with the right people.

I prayed each night for guidance and prayed for change.

Do you ever look around and feel stuck? I felt day after day I was in a constant slow motion time lapse that couldn't catch up with what I saw for myself. I think after this year of running around, I realized that I truly was wishing and seeking all of the wrong things.

God only funds his plan for us

I was asking God why things weren't working out for me. I was praying in distraught and confusion that I felt an emptiness and needed help. When really, he had all this planned for me and I was too blind to see it through. He put me in this very place and he brought these people into my life for a reason. The changes I was ready to make spontaneously in my life weren't in his plan and he wasn't going to fund it. Are we fulfilling a purpose? What may that be?

Each day since this past August I have felt a hand on my shoulder, a relief, a guide...I may call it the grace of God. I feel like I truly am in the right place in my life.

The place

Where are you? Why are you there? Sometimes it shocks me where I am and all the extraordinary people that are welcomed into my life each and every day. It can be so easy to get into a routine and close your eyes off to the things that God is trying to show you. You are placed in this spot in your life right now for a reason. Me? I think I am happy right now in this place because I was tested in the hustle and bustle. I woke up to sirens each night and my Italian neighbor yelling at his wife that I could hear through my thin bedroom walls. I missed my humble town and the quietness that came with it. I used to be in a relationship that pushed me away from wanting to be in the place I am now and not staying in the moment. I can tell you that right now, I am present. I have sincere and genuine hearts that fill me with joy each and every day and luckily was brought someone special when I was least expecting it. All of these feelings, emotions, and people couldn't be in my life if I wasn't in this very spot.

The right time

He knows when we need what we need. Sometimes the best thing we can do in this life is to be patient. It all has a weird way of working out you know? I have had certain people come into my life over the past couple of months that were least expected but have proven that planning is unnecessary. It all is when God thinks we are ready. He is planning to make sure the other people are ready too. But when we are all on the same page...there is nothing more magical in this life than recognizing you are in the right place and at the right time. I have never felt happier, stronger, and more myself in my life. I was introduced to someone that in many ways, our paths maybe never would have matched up, but I just so happened to be right where I needed to be.

If you keep your eyes peeled and go forth with a patient heart, God will bring you to a place of comfort. I am sure, shortly, I will become stressed and will question my days and my nights and everything in between. But, when you find a moment in time when things feel right, take note and embrace it all.