Finding that group of people who you can tell anything and everything to has got to be one of the best feelings in the world.

If you have found that group of friends you know you are going to be friends with for life, hold onto them because I guarantee you that you will never find a better group of people.

1. You live together.

Whether you met your people in high school or college, if you have the chance to live together at some point you probably do. What could be better than having a sleepover with your best friends every night?

2. You have group messages on every social media platform possible.

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it. Every tweet or picture you find funny you have to share with your BFF's to make sure they get a good laugh out of it too.

3. You do everything together.

Hungry? Panera date! Bored? Movie date! Anytime you want to do something, your friends are always there to say yes and tag along for the ride.

4. You take classes together.

If you need to fulfill gen ed classes or any classes at all, you probably take them with your friends. Taking classes with your friends makes classes so much easier to get through and even makes for some good entertainment.

5. You have inside jokes.

You can probably just look at each other and laugh because you know what they're thinking in every situation, and just one word can make you guys laugh for hours.

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6. You have nicknames for each other.

Nicknames for each other that no one else would ever understand, but are so hilarious to you and your friends because you know it describes them perfectly.

7. You boost each other on social media.

You might even have post notifications turned on for each other so you can be the first like, first comment, etc. Heart eyes x100000!

8. You are part of each other's families.

"Mi casa es tu casa" is the motto. Your friends show up in your driveway unannounced because they know they are always welcome in your house and in your family.

9. You have been through everything together.

They know about all your ex-boyfriends, all your baggage from your past relationships, why you have trust issues, they know it all.

10. Their closet is your closet.

You raid each other's closets whenever you need an outfit to wear because you can always find something cuter in their closet than in your own.