Rico Nasty's "Anger Management" Is All My Emotions Bottled
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Rico Nasty's New Project 'Anger Management' Is All My Emotions Bottled Up In One Album

"Why is she always yelling??"

Rico Nasty's New Project 'Anger Management' Is All My Emotions Bottled Up In One Album

I will never ever stop talking about Rico Nasty. She continues to amaze me at every point and turn.

Rico Nasty is a revolutionary who demands her voice to be heard, and her latest project, "Anger Management," is a huge indicator of that. There are a lot of reasons as to why you should give her a chance too.

At first glance, DMV rapper Rico Nasty may be a little shocking to look at.

Her loud, extravagant looks and style may be off-putting at first. But I promise you, there is a lot more to her than just her clothes. She pours a lot of energy in her super weird mix of rock/rap/trap music makes your ears perk up at the sound of her voice.

I was a little thrown off at first, but once you actually listen, you come to find out her whole vibe when it comes to music is definitely a mood. I can't help but feel that her music and sound is so contagious. Listening to Rico Nasty makes me feel like a raging queen. It's kind of like, "I want to throw myself into a mosh pit, but I also want to be an independent woman who worries about me and mine."

"Anger Management" was made with her frequent collaborator and producer Kenny Beats. If you've ever heard a Rico song and hear a very loud "KENNY" at the beginning, he most likely produced it - and the song is most likely going to be fire.

The nine-track album is meant to be listened to from top to bottom as she goes through the motions of being extremely angry, then suddenly coming down from a rage.

And honestly, after you've gone through the entire album, you will feel the same. I usually listen to Rico when I want to get hype, when I'm angry, or when I'm sad. I listen to Rico anytime, really.

I had the pleasure of seeing her live a few weeks ago. I have to say her energy is really what comes out in her music. The crowd knew every word to her songs, and the atmosphere was ethereal. It's like I was there, but I felt like I was in another realm, if that makes sense?

None of these songs are skippable. My personal favorites are "Hatin," "Mood" featuring Splurge, and "Relative."

I want Rico to remain as relevant as possible, for as long as possible. She really is going to become one of those big faces of rap. I'm not talking about just for female rappers, I'm talking about rappers in general.

Men, take notes.

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