There's no question that Game of Thrones is an unforgettable series and will go down in history as epic. But for as much detail as the show had, there was one detail we never got to find out, the astrological signs of the main characters, which is clearly very important. Based on the characteristics of each character and star sign, here are the astrological signs as GOT characters, starting with the mother of dragons herself.

Aries: Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

First off, it only makes sense that the only woman on the show who can walk through fire should be a fire sign, but on top of that, Daenerys has the ideal Aries personality. Aries have a fiery temperament and always go after what they want no matter the costs. Daenerys clearly embodied these qualities with her willingness to take back the Iron Throne in spite of what it may have cost her. Being a natural born leader, fearless in the pursuit of the future, and a bold style are all pillars of an aries. The Mother of Dragons isn't lacking in any of these qualities.

Taurus: Ser Brienne of Tarth

I think we can all agree that Brienne has been one of the most loyal characters in the history of Game of Thrones. From pledging her allegiance to Catelyn Stark and her family, to once again pledging it to Sansa Stark specifically, Brienne is clearly dedicated to her purpose and the people with whom she surrounds herself, a strong Taurus quality. Tauruses tend to place stability and practicality at the forefront of their lives as they tend to be very level-headed, although Brienne was ambitious when need be, she was never greedy in her pursuit of what was necessary.

Gemini: Arya Stark

The Gemini sign is represented by twins, which symbolizes dual sides of something. There is no question of Arya embodying the Gemini spirit when she quite literally has many sides using the faces she aquired. Geminis are versatile and flexible in their nature and have the ability to adapt naturally. Arya continued to prove that she could survive and conquer almost anything demonstrating her strong Gemini heart. Geminis are true warriors who approach things logically but with passion, which we clearly saw in Arya with her reciting the people on her ~list~ but not acting on any of them until the moment was right.

Cancer: Samwell Tarly

Cancer's are well known for their empathetic and caring abilities, making Sam Tarly a perfect fit. He's a great friend to Jon and a clear family man when it comes to Gilly. Cancers are highly compassionate and trustworthy to a fault which we see in Sam's friendship with Jon where he is devoutly loyal and willing to back Jon up no matter the circumstance. Lastly, Cancers tend to be sentimental and detail-oriented; Sam's time at the Citadel showed his love for history and learning, as well as his pursuit for a weapon fit for Wights.

Leo: Jaime Lannister

Jaime grew up as the golden boy of the family; he was cocky and a "pretty boy." Leos, like their symbol of a lion, are prideful and passionate. A fitting sign for a Lannister man whose house mascot is a lion. Leos tend to naturally excel at things and they have a sense of certainty in most decisions they make, something that is mimicked in Jaime's clear talent at battle and his unwavering ability to make tough choices (ex: pushing Bran off the tower).

Virgo: Grey Worm

Virgos are detail-oriented and devoted to their service whatever it may be; for Grey Worm, that service was to his Dragon Queen. As the leader of the Unsullied, Grey Worm was devoted to his queen and incredibly hardworking. He is also organized, intellectual, and has an ability to get things done quickly and skillfully; qualities that are embodied by Virgos.

Libra: Sansa Stark

This fearless Queen of the North is without a doubt a Libra at heart; she is graceful and elegant and can strategize like a boss. Her diplomatic personality and fearless outmaneuvering of others are defining qualities of a Libra. Sansa found fulfillment through being useful in any situations, and she did not like being on the sidelines and having decisions made for her. Skilled at managing difficult situations, particularly with powerful men, Sansa embodied a Libra perfectly.

Scorpio: Cersei Lannister

Power hungry and controlling are the two traits that come to mind when I hear the name Cersei; these also happen to be two characteristics of Scorpios. Scorpios often possess traits that can be used for either bad or good, such as passion, stubbornness, bravery, and strategy. In Cersei's case, these things are used in her pursuit of the Iron Throne; however, she is also highly emotional and moody, leaving her actions to sometimes be intense and extremely assertive in nature. While Cersei employed these traits in a negative manner, they are characteristics often possessed by Scorpios that can be used in a good way.

Sagittarius: Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund was clearly the comedic relief in many Game of Thrones scenes, particularly in season 8. Like Tormund, Saggitariuses are known for their openness and sense of humor; they don't shy away from new experiences and crave adventure. Tormund is feisty and straight-forward; he perfectly embodies an outgoing Sagittarius personality.

Capricorn: Jon Snow

The ever-fearless leader in the North can be cold at times (no pun intended) but he is also ambitious and eager like a Capricorn. Common Capricorn traits are also a dedication to family and to doing to the right thing; Jon clearly demonstrates all these qualities, and like a true Capricorn he tends to have a serious disposition that can be kind of a downer sometimes. But overall, he is trustworthy with a strong heart.

Aquarius: Bran Stark

There is no question of Bran being an Aquarius; he is emotionally detached, independent, and aloof. Aquariuses tend to be eccentric and lean on the mythical side at times. Bran's role as the three-eyed raven embodies the personality of a true Aquarius; he is exceptionally smart and an independent thinker and that sometimes gets him into trouble when it comes to creating emotional connections with others.

Pisces: Missandei

Missandei is the epitome of intuition and ethereality; loyal to Daenerys from the minute she is freed by her, Missandei provides a deep wisdom about life and reality demonstrating true qualities of a Pisces. Her calm, empathetic nature has an impact on those she encounters (especially Grey Worm) and in perfect Pisces fashion, she is always willing to help those she loves.