5 TV Shows To Watch This Summer
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5 TV Shows To Watch This Summer

Here are some ideas for when you finish your current show and are looking for the next one to binge watch on your day off work.

5 TV Shows To Watch This Summer

We've all been there. Finishing your show you have been watching for months and not knowing what to do with yourself. The connections to the characters disappear and now you don't have a show to occupy yourself with in bed. Here is a list of some great options to try when this happens so you aren't in a rut for long.

1. Big Little Lies

This show is intense. The first season is hard to peel your eyes away from. Mystery, drama, romance all rolled into one. You can watch on HBOGO.

2. Madam Secretary

2016 SAMHSA Voice Awards

A great political drama with a likable family woven in. If you like House of Cards, this is a less intense version where you will like a lot more of the characters. It's on Netflix.

3. Good Omens

Amazon's newest original series, this show is really clever and interesting. The episodes are long but they are captivating and the story line moves very naturally. It's also funny.

4. Designated Survivor


A new season just came out on Netflix and this is one of my all time favorite shows. Another political drama, it has mystery and crime intertwined and is hard to stop watching once you have started.

5. The Good Place

This one is such a funny, clever show. The first season is amazing and the episodes are short and easy to get through. You will be laughing and trying to figure everything out along the way. It is on Netflix and Hulu.

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