5 Shows To Binge on Before Going Back To School

As summer comes to a close, the times of no homework and relaxing days watching TV are quickly running out. However, there is still a little less than a month left to take advantage of those last few free days and finish that series you've been meaning to wrap up, or even better, to start a new one. If you're stuck in a rut and trying to figure out what show to watch to fill that end of summer void, here's a list of a few shows that I would totally recommend.

1. Black Mirror

This is a relatively older show on Netflix, but it has created quite the buzz since the release of Season 5 in June. I have enjoyed watching it because each episode is based around a unique utopian society that builds on something that already exists in today's world. I found it to be a nice show to watch with friends because each episode can be watched separately, without any knowledge of the others.

2. Stranger Things

With a new season recently out in July, this Netflix original is a perfect mix of sci-fi and drama. Not only does it have an interesting and unique plotline, it brings you back to the 80s with it's funky hairstyles and bright colors. It is much different than any sci-fi show I've ever watched, and the best part is that there's another season to look forward to soon!

3. Jane the Virgin

This show just wrapped up its final season on The CW, but it is still streaming on Netflix as well. It's a great spinoff of a classic telenovela and adds in the perfect amount of action to the drama-filled plot. It's really just an overall cute show about how family members come together, and it will have you laughing and crying at the same time.

4. On My Block

This show is short enough that you can finish it before school starts, but definitely has enough material to keep you engaged the entire time. It reveals the struggles of growing up around gangs and violence, but adds a ton of comedic effect to make the show mostly enjoyable. It follows young teenagers on their struggles through school and relationships, and will definitely bring you back to some of your own childhood memories.

5. New Girl

This is a super cute series about the struggles of finding your way in your 20s. Whether it's dealing with jobs, friendships, or boys, this show has a whole plethora of young adult problems covered. Not only is it relatable, but it will have you laughing along at some of the things the main character goes through.

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