Review of Taylor Swift's Album "reputation"

Review of Taylor Swift's Album "reputation"

She's got some BIG enemies

Dear Taylor Swift,

I have a confession to make… I am extremely fake. I don't think there was a person in the world who was roasting Taylor Swift's album more than I was. Keep in mind, this was only when two singles were released. "Gorgeous" gave me backhanded embarrassment, and "Look What You Made Me Do" was nothing short of uncomfortable. Plus, I didn’t like how she was featured in a bathtub filled with jewels in the music video, a clear dig at Kim Kardashian who was held at gun point in a bathtub in Paris while being robbed of her jewelry. Three months after its release, "Reputation" is basically all I listen to. I gave the album a chance after a friend mentioned she wanted me to go to a Taylor Swift concert with her, and I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by the artist's sixth album. Here's a breakdown of each of the songs, what I like about them, and why I have to publicly apologize to my girl T-Swizzle.

…Ready For It?:

I don’t think Taylor could have opened her album in a more badass way. The loud clasps, fast rhymes, and intense beats actually make the song a BOP!

End Game:

Two words… Ed. Sheeran. I don't think there's a song Ed Sheeran hasn’t released or been featured in that I didn't like. His verse flows right with the slightly snarky mood the song gives off. Future was quite a shock, I didn't think his style could ever be collaborated with Swift's typical cheesy song lyrics, but it totally works in this case. 10/10 would recommend all three team up again.

I Did Something Bad:

T-Swift wasn't holding anything back in this one! In 3 minutes and 58 seconds, home girl disses Calvin Harris, Kimye, AND Tom Hiddelston. I'm HERE for the pettiness, girl!

Don’t Blame Me:

This one was harder for me to get into at first. It's a little slower, but nothing like her other slow songs like "All Too Well" or "Begin Again". The song is basically about being head-over-heels in love with someone and hey, can't we all relate to that?


This song is my favorite on the album. She has almost a spooky-like sound in her voice, which I think is a cool change for Taylor. It's a simple song; not clearly @ing anyone, with a whimsical feel. The song is set in NYC (one of my favorite cities) and tells a quick story of her falling for someone, but not committing to anything too serious. I think she accurately portray what a lot of young women are thinking when they think they're in love, and does so by painting a beautiful picture for our generation with her words.

Look What You Made Me Do:

Still my least favorite. The lyrics are a little too childish for someone my age, let alone hers. But the kid I babysit thinks it's a bop so I'll let it slide.

So It Goes…:

"I'm not a bad girl, but I do bad things with you." RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU CAN RELATE!!!!!!!!!


I HATED THIS SONG AT FIRST!! Seriously… "I guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats." Not her best lyric, but it grew on me. It's still at the bottom of my list, but I catch myself shimmying when it comes on in the car.

Getaway Car:

About ex-beau Tom Hiddelston. This one ranks in the top three for me. I think it's a mature, honest and vulnerable song. When she sings "And a circus ain't a love story, and now we're both sorry" she speaks to a larger audience than I think she even realizes: being in a love triangle, falling out of love and back into it quickly, cheating scenarios. I give Swift a lot of credit for this one, she got a TON of backlash for jumping right from Harris to Hiddelston, but her song makes the situation more relatable.

King of My Heart:

"Up on a roof with a school girl crush, drinking beer out of plastic cups." Every time I wish I could go back to a time where life was this simple.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied:

As the title mentions, this song makes me want to dance. It's fast and upbeat and gets the heart pumping and head banging. Also, when she says "I'm a mess, but I'm the mess that you wanted…" I somehow get emotional every. single. time.


Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the background music overcasting this cool lyrics, it's still quality. Ladies, I know we all have THAT dress that makes you feel like a thirst trap don't @ me!

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things:

A complete "Gatsby" vibe, with circus-like bells and whistles. Tay Tay really wasn't holding back on her pettiness for this one. This song proves she's coming at everyone, leaving little room for mercy. Do your thing girl! Like I said before, I'm here for the pettiness.

Call It What You Want:

This is the cruising on a highway, windows down, wind blowing through my hair song of reputation (there's one on every album). Lyrics and music are both simple and chill. Catch me bumping in my Toyota down the Garden State Parkway in May with this on.

New Year's Day:

Swift knew what she was doing ending the album with this tearjerker. Maybe I'm nostalgic because a chapter in my personal life is closing, but every time I hear "Please don't ever become a stranger who's laugh I could recognize anywhere" I shed a tear. The piano most certainly does NOT HELP my waterworks from stopping. I love this calming, bright ballad, and truly think it's one of her best.

So, Taylor, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for underestimating you and your ability to make a fire album. I'm sorry for judging by the two singles and talking poorly about your craft. Most of all, I'm sorry I took so long to listen. You once again gave us songs we all can relate to and have us feeling some type of way. So I thank you for continuing to share your stories through your songs. Keep it up.


Your fan

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