A Review Of Nathan Sykes' "Unfinished Business"

A Review Of Nathan Sykes' "Unfinished Business"

Recently, Nathan Sykes released his first solo album and I couldn't be more excited about how amazing it turned out.

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Nathan Sykes just released his album, Unfinished Business, on November 11th of 2016. From the beginning to the end, his talent and sound are made obvious. The first track, “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” shows just how brilliant a vocalist Nathan is from the strong chorus to the ridiculously remarkable riffs at the end of the song. The flow of the album starts at high and smoothly progresses to more mellow and heartfelt end, but each song keeps your attention in a different way.

“Money” features upbeat trumpets and a great beat with a breakdown of heavy bass drops. Nathan has a great skill in story-telling, especially in “I Can’t Be Mad”, with his soulful voice and beautiful piano melody. The strength of his voice can really be heard throughout this song.

The ninth track, “Give It Up” features G-Eazy and is the type of song you’d hear at a party. The steady beat and G-Eazy’s verses make for a great song to play in the car or around a group of friends hanging out.

“Twist”, “Kiss Me Quick”, “Money” and “Give It Up” are Nathan’s more danceable songs. They’re fun and upbeat. These are the songs you play on a road trip or when you’re trying to have a good time.

“Tears In The Rain”, “Burn Me Down” and “I Can’t Be Mad” show Nathan’s more emotional side, with strings providing a gorgeous sound in “Burn Me Down” and the beautiful piano melody in “I Can’t Be Mad” that only adds to the song.

Overall, the album is an amazing starting point for Nathan Sykes’ solo career. His talent and sound are really defined throughout the album. I'm sure fans everywhere are excited about his album and, like myself, have trouble choosing a single favorite track. But overall, Nathan’s career is off to a fantastic start. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Nathan and his career as a solo artist.

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