A review of "Isn't it romantic"

An Honest Review Of The New Romantic Comedy 'Isn't It Romantic'

It turns out life isn't really that romantic and sometimes that is a good thing.


For Valentine's Day, I decided to go see "Isn't It Romantic" and I was entertained but it was very predictable, which I expect because that was the point of the whole film. I have been a big fan of Rebel Wilson ever since she played Fat Amy in the "Pitch Perfect" trilogy.

Rebel always makes me laugh and honestly, she has so much talent that makes the most minor roles the thriving force of the film. This time around, she was as entertaining as ever but this movie did not showcase her full acting potential. The fact that Rebel Wilson was also an executive producer in addition to being the main actress is extremely admirable and honestly groundbreaking. The fact that Rebel is so confident in yourself was able to shine through her character, Natalie, as well.

Overall, the film, besides being somewhat predictable, fell a bit flat because it followed a very basic plotline without any unique element to it besides the incredible acting talent and the irony of the main character getting stuck in a romantic comedy. Liam's character was dynamic and funny and his acting was great but the chemistry between Wilson and Adam Devine kept the audience engrossed in the film. The jokes in the movie and the overall comedic aspect was very well done. There was a lot of opportunity for emotional scenes but they were very short and not a lot of opportunities for the audience to connect to it.

Having a cast in the film that includes such big names I am sure was helpful in drawing audiences to go see the film and therefore help to generate more revenue at the box office. In addition to that, the fact that this movie was quite literally a romantic comedy I am sure helped to further entice people to go see it, especially since it came out around Valentine's day.

What fascinated me the most is that Rebel Wilson was able to be the main actress for a romantic comedy. Very seldom you see someone who is plus size to be a lead actress in such comedies. Lately, there has been a lot of improvement with Constance Wu in Crazy Rich Asians and Lana Condor in To all the boys I've loved before but this is probably the first time in a long time we have seen a plus sized woman be the main actress in a romantic comedy in a positive and inspirational way.

The message that was conveyed by this film is both inspiring and dare I say revolutionary. The underlying message of self-love and self-acceptance and being able to feel complete without needing a significant other was truly the most impactful aspect of the film.

This film was much more than just a romantic comedy. It was the filmmaker's way of making a statement about the unrealistic nature of romantic comedies and society's expectation regarding what love should look like. Additionally, it was intended to show that the unrealistic "reality" portrayed in most romantic comedies and other genres isn't really all that it's cracked up to be.

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If Nick Miller Was A College Student On Summer Break, A Thread

Desperate times call for Nick Miller.


Currently spending my free time watching "New Girl" again on Netflix. I would say Nick Miller is the most relatable character for college students. He's lazy, drinks a lot, and can be a mess sometimes like many college students.

This is summer break for a college student as told by THE Nick Miller.

1. Payday

The most wonderful day of the week. When all our *hard* work at our summer jobs pays off.

2. Still trying to burn off the freshman 15

This will continue to happen well into summer.

3. When all your friends are out of town and you have a day off

Or if you're just bored out of your mind, watch "New Girl" all day.

4. When you haven't gone out in a couple of weeks...

And you forget how to order a drink.

5. When someone asks what you've been up to this summer

I've done things.

6. Sometimes we're too lazy to even put on pants

7. Maybe you're living on your own this summer

So you have to pay the bills, mow the lawn, fill up your gas tank, cook, clean all yourself.

8. Having a list of things you have to do today and then doing none of it

9. When you thought you would have a summer love by now

10. Thinking about your future a lot

And how you can maybe, kind of, somehow improve your GPA next year.

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8 Of The Best Tweets From 'The Bachelorette,' Episode One

Monday nights are now for "The Bachelorette" and all the live tweets that come with it.


A new season of "The Bachelorette" has just started, which means I have something to look forward to every Monday. Not only am I excited to watch Hannah's journey to find love with 30 eligible bachelors, but I'm also excited to read all the live tweets that come with each episode. During every commercial break, I scroll through the #TheBachelorette trend to see what other fans think of the episode. It's so entertaining to see all the funny tweets and memes people make that perfectly fit each scene. After each episode my Twitter likes are full of tweets about "The Bachelorette," so I want to share my top 8 favorites from this season's first episode.

1. Now you can't wait for it to be next Monday

You never know if you'll like the vibe of the season, but once the first episode starts and the drama begins its impossible to not get hooked on the show.

2. The pilot who didn't wear his uniform was probably regretting it and feeling a little like this tweet

I feel for the guy who didn't wear his pilot uniform because the other pilot who did made it through the first night.


I was practically screaming at the TV for Luke to give Hannah her jacket! She said she was cold more than once, get the hint!

4. We love to see a good intro from the guys, and box guy gave us that

Watching the intros is one of the best parts because you get to meet and see all the guys that will be on the show this season. Box King Joe did not disappoint us with his witty intro.

5. Demi and Katie = ultimate best friends 

Them watching the show from a surveillance van and watching out for Hannah was the best. They should have the best friends do this more often!

6. Hannah dating Colton a few months ago is the not same as you dating your girlfriend on MONDAY Scott 

I too almost fell over after him saying that.

7. Is this Parent Trap moment on the Bachelorette?

At first, I really couldn't tell these two guys apart. Give me a few more episodes and I'll have all the names and faces down.

8. John Paul Jones, I can't wait to see how entertaining you will be this season

Thankful John Paul Jones got the last rose because he gets to stick around for at least one more week to entertain all viewers with how many times he can say his full name in one episode.

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