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Krampus is not your average thriller/horror film. In the beginning, it was nice and lovely with your basic everyday Christmas holiday film but towards the middle it gets creepy with the little toy. Shockingly, Krampus himself did not give me any kind of thrill at all but I am a villain horror freak so it doesn't usually phase me but sometimes it does and that was the feeling I was going for. It reminded me more of Lucifer... but in a cuddly way.

The little toy in the turning box underneath the car with Beth was pretty creepy. I don't usually like creepy doll-like characters because they creep me out. The snowmen also creeped me out, giving me chills and I was starting to actually love the film until it got a bit past the middle and you have gingerbread men laughing little laughs, and the acting was getting a bit off hand and started to seem kind of, well, cheap-like. My favorite characters are Omi, Max (of course), and Sarah. I like Adam Scott but I did not like his character in this movie, Tom. Well, I felt more like this was turning more into a family friendly thriller more than an actual real and true thriller.

I want the HORROR.

Jack-In-The-Box was funny as hell, along with the gingerbread men. The next creepy character that got me going was the flying doll, in what seemed like the attic but then again I guess it was a room; you can't really tell by the damage. Anyways, I'm sorry but even with the force of that robot toy, it is not possible to keep a grown man down or maybe I am just thinking way into it. I am very impressed by the elves, I'll give the movie that. Again, at the elf raid the acting started to go bad. Another disappointing part. I do like the noise effects, it makes the movie more creepy even when it isn't.

Omi is very brave and that makes me love her character. I really loved her story about Krampus and how he is the shadow of Saint Nicholas and he shows you what happens when all hope is lost. I hate that Omi had to die to save her family. I was hoping it would be more of a reunion type thing and Krampus would realize he has seen her before when she was younger to take her parents but instead, she dies. Still such a brave and highly lovable character! I am so proud of her bravery but it was also not shocking considering she is the first character to witness to Krampus before all of the others. I hate how the Mother died, so simple and plain. Give more emotion before you die. Put more emotion into the words "I love you", or something.

Oh wait, there's more! It ends up being just a dream! Oh joy. Then again, was it? It seems more like a life lesson because it seems like he did go through what he went through in order to learn to enjoy what he has. Ok, so it wasn't exactly a dream or a life lesson, they are now all stuck in a snow globe. YIKES. Krampus definitely had a great idea on the whole shadow of Saint Nicholas and how Krampus shows you when all hope is lost, but the movie itself was just terrible.

Definitely not a recommended movie. Sorry.

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