Review On Adult Sh1t 'The Podcast Where We F*ck Up So You Don't Have To'
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Review On Adult Sh1t 'The Podcast Where We F*ck Up So You Don't Have To'

If you love Buzzfeed you will love this podcast.

Review On Adult Sh1t 'The Podcast Where We F*ck Up So You Don't Have To'

As I’m walking down the road freezing cold at eight in the morning, frazzled because I left too late and forgot my coffee on the kitchen counter, I catch myself still laughing thanks to the voices coming through my headphones.

I’ve never been one to listen to podcasts but now that I’ve started there ain’t no stopping.

“Adult Sh1t” is a podcast by Buzzfeeders Kelsey Darragh and Kate Peterman, and as they call it “the podcast where we f*ck up so that you don’t have to”. They share their thoughts and ideas about their own lives and the world around them every Thursday.

They are in their first season of the podcast and have made 19 episodes since their release date in October. The duo has guest speakers on quite regularly to talk about their careers or to just openly share insight on topics discussed.

For instance, Darragh and Peterman spoke with Kasey Koop, a writer, comedian, and stripper in episode nine. They conversed about taboo subjects of sex and being in the line of sex work in a way that opened the audience up to a firsthand insight. It opened the floor for the co-hosts to ask questions about Koop’s line of work that they were curious about, as well as what the audience may be interested in knowing.

Speaking of sex, they talk about it at least once every episode, so if that makes you uncomfortable then this probably isn’t the best podcast for you. Kelsey Darragh, co-host, is openly bi-sexual and vocal about her sex life; the good, the bad, and the ugly. While Kate Peterman is also in favor of exploring different parts of her bi-sexuality, yet she is much more reserved about the topic.

Regardless about how in depth either of them goes into their sex lives, they both consistently share intimate details about their own realities, which to me, makes me feel more connected to them as a listener; as if the advice they give and the experiences they share can directly relate to my life.

Both women talk about their struggles with anxiety and depression, something I can relate to on a personal level. Kate Peterman has even spoken about her adjustment to being on medication for mental illness, as well as being in therapy, and her binge eating disorder. Unfortunately, this podcast may be triggering to some people, but nonetheless, it makes others feel as if they’re not the only one struggling with certain things.

Undeniably, it has become a common trend in today’s day and age to see politics just about everywhere: from tv shows to Twitter. But I find it to be such a breath of fresh air that politics is hardly ever directly spoken about on “Adult Sh1t” (I mean if I wanted to listen to politics then I’d be listening to NPR). In my own observations, one of the only times I’ve heard them directly talk about politics was in the most recent episode, (so kudos to them for making it through 18 episodes beforehand).

As previously mentioned, “Adult Sh1t” is a very open and real podcast in many ways, but one way I believe they could reach an even wider audience is by having some male identifying guests on the podcast, too. They have yet to have an official male guest thus far, while they have had a multitude of female identifying guests.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of “Adult Sh1t”, and I have honestly not stopped recommending it since I started listening back in October (so you should probably go listen).

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