"Reverse racism" is typically defined as people being racist against white people. Now, before everyone freaks out, I want to be clear that when I say it does not exist, I mean in America — America, the country that has hundreds of years of blood on our hands from oppressing minorities.

With that being said, I do want to make it clear that anyone, of any race, can be prejudiced against anyone, of any race.

If you look at the beginning of American history, you would find mass genocide against thousands of Native Americans. After Christopher Columbus went back to Europe and spread the word about this "new land" he stumbled upon, and the Europeans took over this land. They brought disease, raped and brutally murdered the Native Americans.

Now, hundreds of years later, Native Americans only have small portions of land throughout the U.S., and struggle to keep their traditions alive among modernization that we have created. They are underrepresented and don't have the same amount of opportunities that most white people have, due to the fact that they have to choose between their traditions and conforming to society.

There is also the capturing, torture, and raping of slaves, and later on segregation of black people in America. In 1865, slavery was abolished, but that did not stop segregation from happening. Segregation in schools did not end until 1954, even now, though, there are a few segregated areas in the south. Not to mention, the KKK is still very present in this country, along with police brutality and extreme prison sentences for crimes that a white person would only get probation for.

I chose these examples to highlight the fact that people of color in the U.S. are oppressed still today, because of events that happened in America's past. There are a lot of opportunities that white people have because they're ancestors paved a way for them to live a more lavish life. They had the money back then, while people of color did not have that advantage, and some never really got to catch up with the rest of America.

I don't mean to say that all white people are rich and live upper-class lives, and all people of color are poor, living in slums. What I am saying, is if a white person and a person of color both committed the same crime, chances are the white person would get at least a warning and a shorter prison sentence than the POC. White people have a significantly smaller chance of being shot by the police as well.

Crimes are not the only issue I want to point out. Yes, there are many grants and scholarships available to POC, but the reason for that is, they have a harder time paying for school. School districts where minorities are the majority get a lot less funding than a school located in a predominantly white community would. Teachers tend to not want to teach in the lower budget schools, which means larger class sizes. Larger class sizes make it very easy for kids who already struggle to fall behind.

Parents who live in these poorer areas have to work way more hours in order to provide for their kids. Parents not being present leaves a lot of room for children to spend more time with "bad crowds," which could influence them to join a life of crime and drugs, and not focus their time on school. This enables a stereotype and creates a cycle that is hard to break. In no way am I blaming the parents, usually, they do what they have to do to support their families.

The point is, reverse racism does not exist because white people in America have not and will never experience the oppression that people of color have.