I Had A Revelation In An Unlikely Place
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I Had A Revelation In An Unlikely Place

God's love is everywhere, especially in a crowded bar.

I Had A Revelation In An Unlikely Place

This weekend I took a trip to my college town. While I was there I got to visit with friends and enjoy the annual Athfest Music & Arts Festival. On Saturday night, one of my favorite local DJs was playing a set.

Upon arrival I stood in my usual spot in the balcony. At one point the friends I was with went to go find the rest of our friends; a song I really liked was playing so I hung back. As the crowd was slowly forming down below, I learned over the balcony railing and looked around, soaking everything in. Suddenly in those moments I became overwhelmed by all of the blessings surrounding me.

I have eyes. With my eyes I can get lost in the strobe lights flashing from the stage, and I can people-watch all of the crazy shenanigans going on down on the dance floor.

I have ears. With my ears I can hear all of my favorite songs blasting through the speakers, along with the fun beats added to them.

I have hair. It flies everywhere when I occasionally (try to) dance around.

I have two hands. In one of them I can hold a water bottle full of clean water that keeps my body hydrated. With the other I can wave to the smiling familiar faces I see throughout the night.

I have arms that I can hug them with.

I DON'T have rhythm,

but I DO have a voice that I can horribly sing (scream?) along to all of the songs with.

My voice comes from my mouth, which also gives me the ability to laugh with my friends when something odd happens, and the ability to laugh at myself when I almost fall down the stairs to the exit.

I have legs. They support me all day and night even when I drag them all over the streets of downtown Athens in search of more familiar faces.

I have feet. Shockingly they still keep me balanced even when I wear heels that cause them to get covered in blisters.

I have the freedom to decide where I go and when.

I have a rain jacket that keeps me covered while I walk to my car.

I have a car that I can get into when I'm ready to go home.

I get to go home to a place where I feel safe.

I have a bed that I can climb into when I arrive there.

I have friends that text me and make sure I got home safely.

I have a phone that I can write all of these thoughts down on.

I have fingers I can type with.

All of this and so, so, so much more.

And ultimately, I have a God that has blessed me with more than I have ever deserved, and in the middle of a crowded bar full of sweaty, tipsy college students dancing their hearts out, his beauty is prevalent, active and shining.

Sometimes life gets hard and things don't go your way. In times like this its easy to feel frustrated and alone. During these seasons we forget that we get to enjoy privileges that are beyond some peoples' wildest dreams.

When you feel this way, take a look around at this beautiful life and count your blessings. I promise you'll lose count.

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