4 Things Shoppesr Should Do, From A Retail Worker In COVID
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4 Things Every Shopper Should Being Doing, From A Current Retail Worker During COVID-19

I am speaking on behalf of ALL retail workers during COVID-19.

4 Things Every Shopper Should Being Doing, From A Current Retail Worker During COVID-19

Dear shoppers,

We understand you have been trapped in your house for the last three months. We have too. I finally went back to work June 16th. My team and I prepped the store perfectly for you. Prices were dropped, clothing was folded and sized properly, fixtures were moved to abide by social distancing rules, and everything was sanitized. We have been open for less than two weeks and I have noticed many rules that have been broken and many rude customers.

My experience in retail this past week has led me to write a guide for people who plan to shop again. Next time you go out shopping, please remember this. All retails workers are facing these problems right now. Be kind to them. We don't make the rules. Our company does. We just enforce them.

Please, I am begging you, to wear your mask properly

We know the mask is annoying and it can often get hot under there but it is required! If you do not have a mask on, you are not permitted entry. If you forgot your mask or your mask broke please ask us for a new one! We will gladly provide you with one!

If you have a question about a product, please do not pull your mask down to speak to us. Ultimately, that defeats the purpose of the mask. Please keep the mask over your mouth and nose when talking, coughing, and sneezing.

Lastly, please do not fight with us if we kindly ask you to wear your mask properly. We are only enforcing the rules.

Yes, our fitting rooms are closed. No, we cannot make an exception for you. 

Fitting room closings are a company decision. Meaning, Old Navy's fitting rooms may be open, but other stores may not be. The company's intent is to keep their employees and their customers healthy. It is too soon to allow people to try on multiple items of clothing in a confined space.

Please do not try on clothing in the middle of our store. To compensate for closed fitting rooms, most stores have extended their return policy. We are accepting returns and exchanges because it is easier to maintain good health for both customers and employees.

No I cannot "just let one more person inside" 

Being open means we have a strictly enforced limited capacity. Babies and toddlers are counted as an individual person!

In addition, please leave the store immediately after paying. This will allow for an easier traffic flow.

Cashless payment is preferred to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We will not deny you if you are paying cash, but we will appreciate cashless payment to help prevent the spread of sickness.

Next time you're shopping, keep these four things in mind. Be kind to us! We do not make the rules. We only enforce them.

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