Target Superstore

Target according to most people it is the rich man's Walmart. Two and a half years at the same store, I have seen people come and go, bosses, friends, and employees.

I have seen people get upset when we don't have an item they want and I have seen people almost break down into tears when we find the item they are looking for.

I have been called the meanest of names but have also been called a blessing and have a sweet lady give me a hug after she became one of my regulars.

When working in retail you learn the customer is always right, even when they are so far from right it's comical. But one thing working in retail has taught me is to be nice.

Just be kind, people will freak out at you when you don't have the right item when the coupon they want to work won't. When they try to return an item without a receipt or the card they bought it on and it was so long ago it isn't even the system anymore. People have cussed me out and made me feel like crap.

I have seen multiple crack heads come into the our store, bite our security guy and then run. My second day at Target I got called the B-word and flipped off by some guy wearing our clothes that he didn't even pay for, also note it was 7:15 AM and the store opens at 7 AM.

My point is I think everyone should work at least one year in some sort of retail to not only get the people to experience but also be taught manners, Please and Thank You mean the world to cashiers and to the guest.

Asking if they had a good day or simply saying "Have a good rest of your day" can put a smile on that young girls face who is working two jobs and on this day is working a sixteen-hour day just to make ends meet. Remember always choose kindness over anger.

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