Restaurant jobs undoubtedly provoke some of the toughest days you'll ever go through, both mentally and physically. The family atmosphere amongst your coworkers keeps you sane at the end of the shift as well as that hefty tip out.

Here are some of the most relatable situations any server, hostess, or takeout personnel could connect with.

1. Serving food to people as you're starving.

Forgot to bring your lunch or eat breakfast before your shift, not wanting to buy food at work for a slight discount, or are you just completely weeded and can't find a second to eat? Fat L.

2. The customer doesn’t let you finish your sentence.

Hi there, welcome to----


3. Not knowing where your pens are.

"Did they literally run out of my apron or what'?

4. Writing yourself "off" way ahead of time for dates you don't want to work.

An actual Mexican standoff scene between you, your coworkers, and the schedule book.

*January 2018* takes off for 2019's NYE.

5. When you're expected to know each menu item word-for-word.

"What's in your salad again?"

...Seriously dude.

6. After working consecutive shifts, you have dreams about being at work.

Nightmares or dreams, I couldn't tell you.

7. You get stiffed on a tip.

You swore you presented that meal like Vanna White showing off a car on the Wheel of Fortune.

8. Thank God It's Not Friday.

Weekends are supposed to be your time to relax and enjoy self care time but nobodies excited in the restaurant biz before the weekend 5 P.M. rush

9. People who don't think they should tip on takeout food because it's TO-GO.

Did your food just appear in the bag via the magical kitchen dwarves? No, it was me. I would greatly appreciate even $0.50 for even some acknowledgement at this rate.

10. Splitting checks makes you irritable.

Eating in a restaurant made splitting the check seem easy and convenient for those dining with you. After working large tables, you're over having people debate on who's paying for what.

11. Busting your ass in the back of the house because you forgot your non-slip shoes.

It's okay I'm fine, this shift must go on.

12. Leaving the restaurant smelling like the food you served.

"You smell like pizza dude."

"Trust me, I'm aware."

13. When you've just had enough.

Any server or host can relate to completely zoning out for a second while on the phone taking an order or greeting a table.

"Good morning, how are you guys?"

It's 6 P.M. get it together girl!

14. Having no orders then getting a huge rush.

Where did that come from? I go from almost being cut to being in the weeds.

15. Your customer asks for the manager and you GLADLY do so.