We have all seen movies or even heard conversations in real life where one person says "I love you" but the other person replies with something that made you say, "ouch". Even if you weren't in the relationship, your heart definitely hurt after hearing some of those responses. Here are some absolutely soul-crushing responses to those little three words.

1. "Thanks"

Not that this list is in any order, but this is one of the topmost disrespectful responses I've ever known. Like, seriously?

2. "Yeah"

This just means either you don't care or you have the face of the lady in the gif below and are just like ummm, kind of taken aback.

3. "Me too"

Maybe you have some past issues where you can't physically say it, but still, this kind of makes the other person feel like "... oh alright".

4. "Oh"

Again, maybe you're taken aback and don't know exactly what to say or you're like "ohhh, no darling, don't do that".

5. "LOL" (or if it's IRL they literally laugh)

Yeah, this is the MOST disrespectful response. If you look like Obama laughing on this gif then you're one horrible person and I hope you step on a Lego.

6. *changes subject*

You didn't want commitment and the person who uttered the words got too attached. So, how about those Gamecocks?

7. "I love me, too"

This is just playful and hopefully, the person is joking with you in some sort of way. It's great to love yourself, but wrong time wrong sentence, buddy.

Moral of the story: I understand that someone may drop the "L" word before you're ready to, but please, for the love of pizza, don't use any of the terms listed. Be creative and not an immediate soul crusher!