This morning I had come across something so outrageous and infuriating. An article took a social platform by storm entitled "Pit Bulls Get A Bad Rep Because They're Bad Dogs." This blew my mind. Ignorance is so real.

That article is so offensive on so many levels. I don't own a Pit Bull, but just like any average dog lover, I love every breed just the same. Historically, Pit Bulls have a bad reputation but I do not blame them for this. When Pit Bulls become violent — I blame abuse, I blame dog fighting, and I blame people.

At one point in time, no dogs were domesticated. Dogs use to be a creature of the world and wilderness, not a pet for humans. They, however, became a companion to the human race and were able to be trained to behave alongside us.

This is where people hold responsibility for the training, survival, and well-being of all dogs.

We chose to take dogs and train them to function within our society and our homes. Dogs trust us to care for them and show them right from wrong, just like you would a toddler. So when you don't show them what is right they turn to natural instinct — self-defense and whatever it is they may have been previously taught.

We weren't all just born good. Our parents and loved ones were the ones responsible for teaching us how to be respected and how to give it back. They taught us how to love and they taught us right from wrong.

We became good people because our environment taught us how, and that's how dogs become good dogs.

Pit Bulls, Labs, Pugs, Poodles, and all other breeds of dogs love just the same. No breed is so distinctly different that they cannot be taught to love. There is nothing greater than the love of a dog. Knowing this, it's entirely the job of human beings to show our dogs how to love properly.

We have this responsibility to our dogs. When we only show a dog anger, abuse, hatred, and sadness— that's how they will be and how they will react.

Do not go around blaming a breed for the history of human neglect.

Pit Bulls were the helpless targets of human abuse, hence any behavioral issues and violent outbreaks lay on our shoulders. Pit Bulls do not want to be violent nor do they want to hurt people— but when that is all they are taught that is all they will do, or know.

So I challenge you to find a Pit Bull owner. Ask to pet and play with their dog and see how much that dog really loves its family and its life. Anytime I see someone walking a pit bull in the street I am never afraid to pet it and show it love.

Why? Because when a Pit Bull, or any dog for that matter, is loved, it loves back 100% stronger.

They are wide-eyed with enthusiasm and as happy as a clam. They make you feel at peace and show you that the little moments in life are worth enjoying. Dogs have this power, Pit Bulls included.

Do not blame Pit Bulls for their actions, blame the people who taught them to be that way — the people that these animals trusted, who also happen to be the very same people you and I depend on to seek good in today's society.