Warning: graphic images ahead.

I am that girl that loves dogs—the one that will stop you every time you're walking your dog and cry later about how cute he was. I have had many dogs over my lifetime and plan on always having a family dog or two. I. Love. Dogs. But as I sit here with my golden retriever on my lap while I type this, I can't help but wonder, even if she WAS raised poorly, would she be as mean as some Pitbulls I have encountered?

OK yes, some Pitbulls are very sweet and loving, but that's like saying some people are rich. Most people are not rich—they are middle class, and most Pitbulls aren't as loving as you'd like to think.

Before you think that I have no clue what I am talking about, I speak from experience. I was attacked by Pitbull, and not a pitbull off the streets. A itbullP that was (and still is) a family dog. And before you think "oh it's how the dog was raised," no. This family actually has another pitbull that is well-behaved.

Do you know why Pitbulls are named as such? These breeds of dogs were bred specifically for dog fights. To fight in pits. Hence their name. These dogs just have it in their blood to attack.

The night I was attacked at my friends' house I went out into the living room and the dog was sitting on the couch. The family held the dog back due to his history of violence (he had actually KILLED their previous dog—which I had not known), but being the dog-lover that I am I asked to pet him and the family agreed. I patted the dogs head and he jumped up and bit my face. I turned away and he lunged at the back of my knee.

Below are pictures the day after and a week after the attack:

Had I been a young child, that bite would have killed me. As a future shark specialist, I am certainly not afraid of things that bite, and I have even accepted that I will probably attain a few injuries from one. But in my research I will by be putting myself in these creatures' homes, these Pitbulls are encouraged to be around humans.

Many defend the dog saying that they are perfectly safe. It is no one's fault that these animals are aggressive as they are. They should just not be encouraged and defended as much as they are.