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I have just recently finished the book Me Before You. I have known the ending of this book since the book first came out. I know I am a little late in reading this because everyone and their mother has read and seen the movie and read the book at least twice now. I saw the movie and did not cry. I read the book and I did not cry.

I know that it sounds like I have no heart at all. Those who are reading are probably thinking "Why Zoe? Why do you not cry for the best character development and love story this world has seen?"

Well, I will tell you why: because I agree with Will's decision. I have had this debate with people before and they told me I would feel differently after I read the book. Well, I read it and I still feel that Will made the right decision because he chose his own happiness over everyone else's. That is the point in the matter and where it is important to pay attention. Everyone was focusing on the main character, like a typical reader, and was worrying about her needs and wants. But I focused on the life of Will, what the entirety of the book was about. It was not about Louisa. The whole book is about her foil and barely gives any insight into what Will was going through all of those years.

If JoJo Moyes wrote the novel differently and it was in Will's perspective I am fairly certain that a lot more of the fan base would have agreed that Will made the right decision. It is that person's right and choice that they have to make. No one else can make it for them. That is the whole point of the novel. He decided to put himself before the other people in his life. Hence the entire title of the novel.

If I was in that position where I could no longer live the life that I want, I would have made the same decision. I mean I would have tried to live a new life but if I was completely immobile and could not do anything without the help of another person, having those people make decisions for me that I did not want. It would be the worst life that I could imagine.

I would suggest this book as a good read but to keep and open mindhbGUJy when you read it. Think about every character separately. There is no way that a person should not experience this book.

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